Tuesday, 21 June 2016

ANOTHER POETIC MASTERPIECE FROM DR. SIGMUND T. SCHUKELGRUBER  ENTITLED " BASHING PARTNER BLUES "......based on and inspired by Kristian Leontiou's brilliant and moving song The Years Move On

Sometimes my distress just passes you by
I'm never appreciated or admired
You build me up just to knock me down
I can never get up for being dead tired

I try so hard to do things right
I've always wanted to play a part
But your sniping remarks hurt so much
They break my spirit and my heart

And as the boards move on and on
I've yet to play the cards the way you do

I hear your whispers of discontent
Hurtful comments which make me weep  
It's my ego here you've ripped to shreds
Making demands of me I cannot keep

Why on earth do you keep me on
I find it hard to understand
Is partner bashing your only true love
Rubbing my eyes with salt and sand

And so the boards move on and on
I still haven't the courage to leave you

The price I pay for playing this game
Is having to cope with feeling blue
These verbal bashings I regularly get
Are simply for never knowing what to do

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