Sunday, 31 October 2010

BRIDGE BLOGGING.......... ( Article by Bridgemeister Gibson )
As I see it, there are at least 7 types of bridge bloggers. Those who want to ....
- tell stories focusing on their own trials and tribulations
- report on, and review, big hands, big performers and big matches
- discuss problem hands ( real or imaginary ) with regards to bidding, defence and declarer play scenarios
- advocate or review new conventions, signalling methods and complex squeeze plays
- reminisce about the great old days, the colourful characters they encountered, with fascinating and amusing anecdotes
- raise serious and/or controversial issues, hoping to open up both useful discussion and debate
- satirise the absurdities, contradictions, hypocrisies and stereo-type characters which many players still fail to recognise
However, with respect to the last two categories of blog writers, who I might add are in a real minority, they need specials qualities. Firstly, they have to bold and brave, being quite aware that they might upset and offend quite a few people in the process. Secondly, they have to make sure their factual content is based on truth, and their opinions based on sound analysis and argument, especially if they are to convince a sceptical readership. Thirdly, they have to be risk-takers by entering into uncharted territories where few have gone before........knowing that navigational mistakes are always a distinct possibility.
As I belong to Bigot-Johnson's team of blog writers, I have found it necessary to come up with a code of conduct to protect my precarious position :
1. Avoid quoting facts which you can not substantiate or support
2. When giving opinions, no matter how extreme, try to ensure that they are (i) not motivated by malice , (ii )based on fair comment, being genuine and honest views
3. Never get too personal, choosing instead to keep individuals and groups unidentified and unnamed whenever it seems prudent to do so. Any resemblances made should be restricted to a small group of readers who are already in the know, and very much aware of your tongue-in-cheek approach......and who most likely share the same points of view
4. Avoid being completely one-sided with your opinions, looking to give a more balanced overview wherever possible. In every contentious and controversial issue, there are always different schools of thought, and different ways of looking at, and resolving problems.
5. Accept the reality regarding the laws of probability in that mistakes might well be made, and that certain lines may have been crossed. In such circumstances, corrections and apologies will need to humbly made.
6. Endeavour to stick to the principles you initially adopted to apply in your writing , remaining true to all of them as best you can.
7. Beware of those who make comments contravening the above rules 1-6 .
Contradictions will expose you as someone guilty of both double-standards and other words a fraud.
The Howard Bigot-Johnson blog is certainly one that has attempted to push the boundaries of bridge literature into new areas. These initiatives involve over-lapping bridge topics into other academic disciplines such as law, psychology and philosophy. Moreover, some of the posts try to move bridge into the theatres of the absurd, where humour and surrealism dominate. The whole blog attempts to get readers to see bridge in a completely different light....even if most of the content comes across as dark.
Indeed, Howard Bigot-Johnson tries to be the Wolynski of the bridge world, desperate to mould himself in the image of America's finest blogger.
( As usual Bigot-Johnson was in trouble again having upset his female partner on the way back from a bridge match way up north. A short extract from the hearing's transcript appears below. )
Chairman : We have summoned you here today to respond to a complaint from Ms. X, who claims that she agreed to be your partner in the Portland Mixed Pairs final held at Harrogate last month on condition you did the driving.
B-J : Correct.....
Chairman : She also claims that on the way back you pulled into a pub restaurant near Leeds , whereupon you ordered a slap up meal with wine to celebrate your top four finish.
B-J : Correct......
Chairman : But was it not the case that during the meal you consumed a glass of wine with your pinkie sticking out ?
B-J : Chairman.....please........ let's get real here.......there can hardly be anything wrong with that ! In some circles it is regarded as the height of good manners to drink wine with your little finger sticking out ......
Chairman : Who said anything about your little finger ? ...........

Saturday, 30 October 2010

BIGOT'S COURT APPEARANCE MAKES LOCAL NEWS ...... ( An abridged report taken from the Bawtry Farmers' Gazette )
Bigot-Johnson, a regular player at the Walnut Tree Allotment BC, appeared before Doncaster Crown Court charged with causing grievous bodily harm ( with intent ) to Percy Pantopod, a fellow club member. Just before the judge directed the jury to go away and return a verdict, he turned to Bigot to ask if he had any final words to say to the court.
Bigot, who had elected to conduct his own defence, stood up and replied : " M'Lud....may I just bring to the court's attention once again, that what I did to Percy was out of chivalry and good manners. Since when was it a crime to open a door to help him pass through ? "
The judge looked long and hard at Bigot before pointing out a critical observation. " I'm not disputing the fact you opened the door for Percy to make his timely exit, but I think you are overlooking the fact that the car you were travelling in was doing 70 mph at the time....."
Not surprisingly Bigot was found guilty. only to be given a 180 hour community service order to teach bridge to delinquent kids banged up in a nearby remand centre.
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Friday, 29 October 2010

ARE TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS BIASED ?.......... ( Research By Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi )
No more than any other man or woman so it seems, since we all possess an inclination to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of ( possibly equally valid ) alternatives.
Inherent biases lie deep within our psyches constantly undermining the way we perceive things, process our thoughts and reach conclusions. Indeed, this form of cognitive bias is the inevitable outcome of human thought, an unfortunate trait of the human condition. This tendency compels us to make systematic errors in certain circumstances, where cognitive factors, rather than evidence, dictate the way information is processed. Heuristics is the science which attempts to examine where this information process encounters either short-cuts or short-circuits.
To malign tournament directors as " biased " is nothing more than bias itself, with a huge dollop of hypocrisy thrown in for good measure. Because one indisputable truth exists: it is impossible for anyone to eliminate bias and other reasoning errors from their decision making process.
For TDs , and the rest of us, this tendency to think and act in a biased way has been nurtured from the day we were born. The tragedy is however is that we all fail to recognise this failing, because it is so implicit. It exists outside our conscious minds, beyond our awareness. It is the product of culture and life experiences. Which family members and friends we attached ourselves to most ? What values sets we were exposed to and aspirations we were encouraged to adopt ? However, some of us may have been brought up in a diverse world, which created the best chance of all to eliminate the influences of a single and corrupting cultural bias.
In the cut and thrust world of tournament bridge, bias will raise its head in one of several ways:
- Observational bias....where there is a tendency to look at something from just one particular point of view
- Confirmation bias .... where the only observation accepted is the one which conforms to the observers pre-selected expectations and desires
" Cargo-cult science " bias.....which directs the individual to interpret information to support his/her favourite hypothesis
- Processing bias - which involves people using selective data only to justify and/or draw their preferred conclusions
This means that in the heated arenas of bridge tournaments, where table conflicts run rife, tempers frayed, and claims met with counter-claims, even the merest hint of bias from the TD will exacerbate these difficult situations even more. TD's are on a hiding to nothing. Their only hope of escaping accusations of bias requires them to adopt and follow these simple rules ( as advocated by the American FBI to their investigating officers ) :
1. Remain open minded
2. Stay open to different viewpoints, interpretations, and possible solutions
3. Avoid the tendency to decide on a course of action..... and then search selectively for confirming data to support that decision
4. Examine the available and relevant evidence objectively, before making any decision
5. Avoid judging any book by its cover
6. Don't presume or imagine that the individual under scrutiny is a villain or a threat
7. Don't allow emotions such as anger, guilt and fear to impair common sense and good judgement
8. Be prepared to stand corrected, and seek out second opinions where necessary
In other words TDs need to take on the role of disinterested outsiders. This means also trying to pre-empt what questions they would ask, what information they would seek, and what assumptions they would adopt at the start ?
I'm sure that out there in the world of bridge there are many knowledgeable TDs, who strive to give both book and judgement rulings with as much impartiality and objectivity as they possibly can. Nevertheless the complete elimination of bias, as all philosophers, commentators and psychologists will confirm, is impossible.
We as players have to accept the reality of the human condition, live with whatever rulings we get, and move onto the next board.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

MADE !!!
As bridge players we all have an inner compass that directs us to go about the play of a hand in a particular way. For the majority of us this inner compass is always out of sync , but thankfully it can be corrected by every book we read, and every outside mind that shows us a better way to bid and play the cards. However, once we stop absorbing and listening to good advice, the oscillation gradually dies down, and the needle returns to its old orientation. This is an inherent trait of the human condition : retreating back to our old wayward habits.
The harsh reality is that one can only absorb so much, and take on board the wisdom of others. Saturation thresholds are quickly reached, and from this new static position we then venture out, far less certain and confident of our bearings. As a result we inevitably wind our way back to the comfort zones of familar territory , where once again our inadequate inner compass regains control .

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The other day I gave Johnny Supremo a slam hand reported to have been bid and been made at all the tables.
I told Johnny that as South, he would be looking at Q84....J4......AKQJ954......J, while his partner held A1062....AK....10732.....A106. Not surprisingly, all these top class pairs reached 6D, despite West coming in at the start with a take-out double of South's 1D opening bid. So how should the hand be played after West kicks off with the king of clubs as his opening lead ? Here is Johnny's answer :
" Well, West surely to God for his bid must have most if not all of the outstanding points. One option is to take the trick in dummy with the Ace and ruff a club with jack of diamonds, cross to dummy's 10 of diamonds, and ruff the last club with the queen. If there's an outstanding diamond, I would clear that before eliminating hearts and coming back to hand with another diamond. All that is needed now is to find West with king/jack of spades and it's all over, by simply leading up to dummy's 10 of spades.
However, a simple throw in will also work. Take the club Ace, ruff dummy's club 6 , and draw 2 rounds of trumps. After that play the Ace/king of hearts to clear the suit, and then exit with dummy's 10 of clubs ( pitching a spade ) putting West on lead. He of course is totally fixed, unable to play a club or heart for fear of a ruff and a second spade discard. So his best bet is to play a spade and pray. No chance there with declarer happily making his twelfth trick with the spade queen. This is the near certain line I would take. "
So I asked the great man " Are there any other lines that could be taken ".
" Yes ", he said " If you like to play with real style, finesse and aplomb. A squeeze looks certainly well on, if West holds all these key black cards. All one needs to do is a duck on the king of clubs, in order to rectify the count. From this point on West is fixed again. He will certainly switch to a safe heart, enabling declarer to rattle off the next 9 tricks : club Ace, 2 top hearts, and 6 diamonds. West of course will now come down to KJ of spades and the King of clubs. Dummy will sitting on the A10 of spades and the club 10. So with Q8 of spades in hand and me to play my last diamond, West might just as well go out the room at shoot himself, for he has no reply. So tell me..... did anyone choose this line of play ? "
" Only one...I believe.....a Canadian-American by the name of Fred Gitelman..... ".
Johnny just smiled.............


  • Balance : something you find hard to do after one too many doubles
  • Isolated menace : a term Bigot-Johnson once coined after locking up the irritant, Percy Pantopod, in the club's downstairs sound-proofed wine cellar
  • Safety play : the process of taking all necessary precautions against (i) king-size cock ups, (ii) careless slips, and (iii) getting into trouble
  • Spread : what hungry inter-city team players wish for but never get, when the half-time tea interval only provides a limited number of small cheese sandwiches and sausage rolls
  • Trick light : one that can be switched on and off by the click of one's fingers
  • Three down : a term used by those looking to remove undesirables from the club. Often the statement is completed by "....... two to go ".
  • Onosecond : the minuscule fraction of time it takes you to realize you've just played the wrong card. This type of calamitous mistake is always accompanied by the words " Oh no ......."
  • Handicap teams : a competition where every top seeded team is required to field at least one complete idiot in their line up

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In this bizarre world of bridge, I have seen many men who have a good deal of the dog or the fox, the bull or the snake about them, yet rarely do they achieve anything in the way of success despite being blessed with these special qualities. Indeed, it is equally rare for them to accept defeat with human dignity and grace given their lycanthropic characteristics. However, there are some players who excel at the game, forever displaying faces enriched with smug satisfaction, which so often comes from repeated success. These fortunate few owe much of their sucesss to the fact they are only possessed by the fox..... and the snake.......and nothing else.
WOLYNSKI'S VIEW ON BLOGGING.......( By bridgemeister Gibson )
" Sometimes I have to stop and think why I blog - it's not like hundreds of thousands will ever flock to my little shack in the cyberspace universe. I suppose I use it as a scrapbook for my thoughts - but why even make my thoughts public ? There's no money in it, can't lead to anything. Blogging is for blow-hards with nothing better to do. "
Well, to a large extent I agree with her, but if blogs live on long after our deaths, then I'm comforted by the thought that our spirits and thoughts hang around for a bit longer........... for future generations to reflect on, and perhaps be amused by. Humour is a wonderful thing. It can take away a negative mood or feeling if only for a few fleeting seconds. But in a world where joy and happiness are being squeezed away by the crushing vice of stress and chaos, then those fleeting seconds of amusement provide a much welcome respite. Far too many bridge players allow their beloved game to make them miserable rather than contented and cheerful .
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Monday, 25 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

( This most unusual case came up before a High Court judge, after an appeal was lodged by the plaintiffs who had failed in their initial attempt to secure a County Court injunction. The pursuit of this injunction was to stop the Cardinals from setting up a separate invitation-only bridge club, which would then target members of the Walnut Tree Allotment BC as paying customers. In addition, damages were sought on behalf of the plaintiffs to compensate any loss of revenue from reduced table money if any of their members had elected to play away. The judgement given can be seen below . )
" Several questions need to be addressed. For instance, is it a cardinal sin for WTABC members to set up a rival bridge club competing for the same custom ? Does this action warrant the court's intervention ? Moreover, is there a conflict of interests, when the WTABC secretary also happens to one of the holy trinity of proprietors ? And finally, would a once a month night of bridge have any detrimental effect on the Walnut Tree revenues on evenings where players exercised their choice over these two alternative venues ?
So although I find bridge club disputes very petty, tedious and tiresome, I have given these questions a great deal of thought and consideration.
Firstly, I do not see within the club's constitution any reference to a restriction whereby members must desist from any activity that could be viewed as a conflict of interests. The whinging plaintiffs need to recognise that we live in a free society which welcomes and embraces freedom of association and congregation. It is not uncommon to see break-away splinter groups forming new bridge clubs, or new ones just appearing on the scene to fill gaps in the market. Each club no doubt offers welcome alternatives and options for bridge playing enthusiasts. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see some players actively looking to join several clubs in order to provide themselves with unlimited options and choices. To thwart the Cardinals' honorable intentions by way of a tacky and ill-considered injunction would be an abuse of the legal system.
The next issue , I agree , is a little more contentious in that the Secretary does have a foot in both camps. But is there a real and genuine conflict of interests ? Does her role in one organisation undermine her standing and role in another ? Does her support and enthusiasm to promote an alternative monthly venue undermine her commitment, work rate, and dedication, as club secretary, to act in the best interests of her home club ? I think not. The two entities are not strictly in competition with each other. From any reasonable perspective, the two clubs are much more akin to an amalgamation and merger. Her combined commitment and energy to see both clubs enjoying success is to be commended, not doubted. She is a saint.
Looking at the reality of the situation, the CBC intends to operate only on one Friday in the month. It's sole focus is on fun, food, and friendly bridge. The 3 "F's ". The evidence is clear that with food included the Cardinals offer a unique experience which is not available at the Walnut Tree . This all inclusive bridge experience is exclusive to them. It fills a gap in the market providing Walnut Tree members and other invitees with that special party experience. In my view, there's no risk whatsoever that this alternative venue will diminish membership numbers at the Walnut Tree : in fact the opposite may be true. By providing a good experience for all those that turn up, rave word-of-mouth reviews might encourage invitees to become members of both clubs or to play more at both clubs on a regular basis . Far from there being a conflict of interests. it is far more likely that mutually beneficial interests will be created. Naturally, when a private club is restricted anyway to hiring rooms with a limit of 12 tables, an invitation only arrangement is both sensible and appropriate, if only to guarantee that perfect blend of social harmony and bonhomie. Because let's face it, it makes sense for each and every bridge club to exercise their right to keep the riff raff away.
As to the question of whether the Walnut Tree has suffered financially, whenever the Cardinals have a do, there may be an argument that supports that view. This, however, solely depends on how many of the invitees who elected to go the Cardinals are regular attenders of the Walnut Tree. I suspect the numbers are a very few indeed. Moreover, given the fact a large group of players belong to other clubs demonstrates the fact that people like to have alternative choices. Just because I am a M&S credit card club member doesn't mean I can't shop at Sainsbury's.
So having been invited along with my wife to the next Cardinals' do, which I might add we are both really looking forward to, I have no hesitation in dismissing this appeal.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

A POEM BY DR. SIGMUND T. SCHUKELGRUBER........ ( Entitled " The Bridge Blog Reader's Lament " )
There's so much out there
Too much to choose
Time is so precious
There's no time to lose
So if I'll read one today
And leave the rest for others
I can binge on Sunday
If I'm not at my mothers
But as for the bloggers
How do they keep going ?
Is their stuff read by many ?
There's no way of knowing
Yes I have a few favourites
They're all friends of mine
To ignore them for others
Means crossing that line
But there is one exception
A blog so bizarrre
A Bigot-Johnson creation
A new cyberspace star
His take on the bridge world
Is cutting and sharp
I love all of his characters
Especially Carp
Yet if I read all his posts
It would take me a year
But staying glued to a screen
Is my innermost fear
Yes, I need to break free
And to quit reading blogs
Because as a bridge junkie
My life's gone to the dogs
I need lots of new challenges
To live life to the full
To converse with real people
No matter how dull
With places to visit
There's lots to choose
But time is against me
So no time to lose

Friday, 22 October 2010

Satire and lampoon is the ridicule or derision of particular vices or idiosyncrasies found in the allegedly bizarre world you wish to explore. The purpose of course is to create irony and humour, with the intent of bringing about shame and/or change of behaviour with regards to those guilty of wrongdoing. Although satire can be seen as cruel it can still serve its purpose by employing a strong sense of wit. So what are the requirements or steps to follow, in order to put together a good satirical article ?
  1. Find a topic that makes your blood boil. Ideally, the topic should be naturally ironic or ridiculous, where it becomes easy to identify any absurdity, hypocrisy and contradiction that exists.
  2. If it involves an individual find a quote or an action which exposes this person in a light befitting the evidence presented. Moreover, if the silly bugger has shot him/herself in the foot, or has displayed hypocrisy that almost beggars belief, then go for the jugular.
  3. If necessary put words into the person's mouth for best results, by starting off with a direct quote but taking it forward in a completely new direction. Adding a few extra words to create a more comical effect is a standard but cunning ploy.
  4. If an incident involves several individuals, then you are well placed to create a more complex piece of satire. By adding a few more fictional characters to the plot, you can add more colour and drama to your observations which readers will find extremely amusing.
  5. Always broaden your range of attack, which means course many more people becoming legitmate targets.
  6. But satire is best achieved if you can adopt a literary style which readers will respect and appreciate.
  7. Avoid " actionable malice " in your satire if you want to avoid any legal actions against you for defamation. Never name names, keep everything fairly anonymous, and use make-believe characters wherever possible.......but keep enough resemblance for your readers to understand exactly where you are coming from. However you must remember, the primary focus of any satirist is to amuse and entertain readers, as opposed to just slagging off institutions and people you dislike.
  8. Always use hyperbole, since an exaggeration of a truth can hardly be a lie. Hyperbole is a clever literary device that exaggerates facts within the boundaries of acceptability. Sometimes it is necessary to highlight the facts in such a way that the absurdity you wish to expose becomes blatantly obvious.
  9. Attempt to use irony to help you tell a story, since clearer messages can often be made by using words and phrases which suggest the exact opposite of what you really mean to say . There is nothing wrong in using sarcasm to criticise or condemn wrongful behaviour..... and injustice.
  10. Humour is fine, but not all satire has to be funny. Occasionally, you will need to point out the ridiculous elements of a situation ( or person ) with a hard-hitting and shocking truth. Ceratain facts may need to be brought out into the open, to bring people over to your way of thinking or to make a point in a quicker and more obvious way. Often satire is the only way to get readers to see the absurdity of a situation, which would otherwise elude them.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

TIME FOR A CHANGE : SO LET'S BRING ON EVEN MORE OSCARS ....... ( A cheeky but hard-hitting follow-up article by Carp )
Almost a year ago I bravely and boldly suggested Oscar type trophies should be handed out to club players who managed to achieve great things other than winning a club competition. These gold plated Oscar awards ( at no expense spared ) would enable dozens of players to have a stab at glory no matter how pathetic and wretched they were at bridge. So here are a few more suggestions for club committees to ponder over, if they want to consider handing out more prestigious awards at their next AGM or prize-giving ceremony:
- The ITCHING POWDER award for the player who has proved himself to be the club's biggest irritant, forever getting under every one's skin
- The ALICE IN WONDERLAND award should go to the committee member who clearly operates in a fantasy world, turning all committee meetings into Mad Hatter's tea parties
- The BLACK DEATH award for the player who no one wants to partner or play against
- The PIGGY-WIGGY award for the most objectionable player, well renown for his/her constant grunting, snorting, and sticking-their-nose-in-where-it's-not-wanted antics
- The LEMMING award which recognises the incredible achievement of a player who has pushed the self-destruct button more times than anyone else, with his suicidal overcalls, and reckless overbidding
- The OSTRICH award which can only be given out to themselves, if there's evidence to show that they ( the committee ) have developed an uncanny knack of burying their heads in the sand, whenever a big or awkward problem comes along
- The BIG EARS award for the player whose listening skills are second to none, tuned in at all times to loose conversations about boards just played on nearby tables.... which of course are heading his/her way
- The LADLE award for the club member who has done that much stirring, the club has been deluged with malicious gossip and scandal-mongering rumours on a scale never seen before
- The BARE FACE CHEEK award which should be handed out to the club's biggest and most outrageous hypocrite, who never in a month of Sundays practises what he/she preaches
- The POISON GAS CANISTER award for the player who has shown a natural talent to create an unpleasant atmosphere wherever he/she goes, antagonising and provoking others, and drawing them into awkward and difficult conflict situations
- The FROZEN RABBIT award for the most pathetic and timid player of the year who, if asked to perform on the big stage and put under the glare of the spot-lights, instantly becomes paralysed with fear and dread as to what to do next
- The WHITE STICK award which should be given out to the most biased TD at the club, who is unable to see the right course of action to take, choosing instead to be blinded by his/her own deeply seated prejudices against players considered inferior and therefore unworthy of justice
- The BROWN TONGUE award for the biggest arse-licker of the year, famed for sucking up to those in power and privileged positions, pompous sorts who spend most of their time talking crap
- The DUMB-BELL award which should be handed out to the player who made the most horrendous hash of a simple straightforward contract, where if other players had been asked to throw tricks away they would have still achieved a better score than this particular bumbledog
Today, I'm posting an extract from Hermann Hesse's " Autobiographical Writings ", which aptly describes The Human Condition ....something that affects men in general......but bridge players in particular.
" What is great or small, important or unimportant ? The psychiatrists call a man unbalanced if he reacts sensitively and violently to small upsets, small irritations, small injuries to his dignity, when quite possibly the same individual will bear up bravely under sufferings and shocks that most men find it very hard to take. A man who is insensitive to constant humiliations, who puts up with the most wretched music, the most miserable architecture, the most polluted air without complaint, but who pounds the table and cries bloody murder when he loses so much as a trifle at cards, is regarded as healthy and normal. In bridge clubs I have often seen men of good reputation, generally regarded as perfectly normal and honorable, curse and fume so fanatically, so crudely, so bestially - especially when they felt the need of blaming a fellow player for their losses - that I very much wanted to seek out the nearest psychiatrist and have these unfortunates committed. "
Such an interesting observation....such a terrible tragedy.....such a shocking truth.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

PHILOSOPHICAL REFLECTIONS ON BRIDGE..... ( First in a series by Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi )
For many people, bridge is a meaningless, cruel and bizarre pastime......but for those of us who know and love the game, it is simply beautiful and magnificent. Yes, it can make fools and demons of us, but at the same time it can make us feel like Gods. Bridge is never a whim,,,,,,, it is a passion. Bridge is not a cruel sport is the ultimate challenge. People who have never played the game have no way of understanding its awesome appeal.
Bridge still tends to be more of a social game than a hard competitive sport, and even if it does get a bit bloody at times, it is far removed from the physically demanding games like boxing or football. For me the game is extremely gentle, subtle, far more beautiful and satisfying than any other recreational activity. Even when the game hurts us psychologically with a succession of bad results, or the relentless bickering of partners frustrated by your errors, the pain can be so easily washed away by the pleasures of recording a few good boards ........and the inevitable compliments that may come your way.
As players, we must endeavour to absorb painful experiences, the inexorability of disaster and defeat, into ourselves without shame or anger. We should not externalise our negative feelings by whinging and moaning.....but simply welcome and accept the despair... the anguish.......with an open mind and open arms. Only then can we really begin to experience the joy and pleasure this game of bridge has to offer.
As the great prophet Gibran once remarked : " The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven ? "
To a man dying of thirst, a simple glass of water becomes the the sweetest and most enjoyable drink of his life.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

LAST NIGHT I LOST IT A BIT........ ( Article by Bridgemeister Gibson )
It was our first local league match ( teams of 4 ) and we were desperate to kick off the season with a win. At the mid-interval we were 22 imps up, and things were going well in the second half despite a bad 13th board. Then came hand 17, where my partner opened a lucas 2H ( weak two suiter ) and with my shapely 13 points and trump support I jumped straight to 4H.
After 9 tricks had been accounted for, my partner had to totalled six , the opponents 3. Partner now held KJ of hearts and two boss diamonds. In my hand ( dummy ) there was spade Q, 105 of hearts, and the club jack. The 7H was still outstanding but this was held by the declarer's LEFT hand opponent.
When partner tabled the boss diamond he claimed. His LHO immediately jumped in stating that she had an outstanding trump and therefore ( a) could ruff in and (b) demand that declarer play any other card from dummy other than the 10 of hearts ! I protested . The TD was called for. To my dismay, he seemed to agree with the opponent's version of her rights. I protested again, claiming that declarer can not be expected to play like a lemon, or adopt any unreasonable line of play. Even if he had overlooked this outstanding trump, on the lie of the cards, she was never in a position to make it. Moreover it was impossible for her to make a trick with the 7 given the fact it could so easily be over-ruffed. ( It would be a completely different matter if the RHO held this card, and declarer had foolishly discarded a club or spade loser on the diamond ). The fact it was on his left clearly indicated that it was impossible on any chosen line of play for her to make a trick. Still the TD wanted the contract to be set by one trick. By now I had completely lost it demanding that he read out from the BOOK, a clear ruling which allowed the defender in such a situation to dictate which card had to be played from dummy. As he couldn't find one, he elected to review the position at the end of match, with me stating quite forcefully that I would appeal against any 4H-1 verdict.....if even if I had to go all the way to the European Court of Justice.
Thankfully, at the end of the match the very sporting, gracious and honest opposition captain acknowledged that it was unreasonable to expect declarer not to over-ruff the 7 of hearts , whether it was was played on the first or second diamond .
Although I feel a little ashamed at allowing my frustration and annoyance get the better of me, I do feel justified to voicing my protests. So would anyone out there like to offer their knowledge and wisdom regarding the rules on " unstated " claims, and how they might apply to this situation. Would they have reacted like me, full of disbelief and protest at what the defence saw as an absurd opportunity to beat an unbreakable contract.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Yes folks, blues man John Lee Hooker produced countless great albums over an amazing 50 year period. However, one superb compilation, an absolute priceless rarity, had all its tracks dedicated to those " hard done to " bridge players......a group to which most of us belong. In Hooker's mind we all understand and empathise with the blues, the feelings of pain, woe, depression, misery, rejection, defeat and loss. So here is the album's track listing, which also includes selected extracts from the original sleeve notes.
I'M IN THE MOOD - a more up beat number reflecting the usual short-lived optimism bridge players start out with before sitting down at the table
WE ARE COOKING - a rollicking high energy song that captures the initial euphoria that players often experience if the first few boards go their way
YOU HAVE TWO HEARTS - a tale about a missed game in hearts all because partner's bids denied any heart holding whatsover, when in actual fact he held jack doubleton
HOW CAN YOU DO IT - a hard hitting song about exasperation, frustration, and anger over partner's inept bidding and play
HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON - more blues with angst , where the pain and misery of one bad board after another really begins to intensify
MEET ME AT THE BOTTOM - a boogie number in which tells of down and out players confirming their predictions about about a bottom four placing
LORD WHAT CAN I DO - a heart-rendering blues and gospel mix, where desperation compels the player to ask God for inspiration or answers to resolve his plight
THE FEELING IS GONE - a slow moody dirge describing how a distraught player allowed the impact of disaster and pending humiliation to finally kill of what little hope or enthusiasm he had left for the final session
CALL IT A NIGHT - a song that focuses on the painful realit for playersy of not only having to accept that their performance today were awful , but perhaps they are not really capable of ever performing well
BURNING HELL - a biting fast tempo blues number where a player's anger turns on his partner, expressing sentiments of where he would like him to go on leaving the venue
GOING HOME - another up tempo number where the player decides to put the misery of his poor performance behind him, deciding instead to look forward to comforts and pleasures that might await him at home
  • Unblocking : the removal of ear-plugs after finishing a session unscathed with a ranting foul mouthed bully as a partner
  • Menace : an alternative name given to the likes of a foul-mouthed ranting bully
  • Stripping : a manoeuvre which involves getting rid of a player's suit leaving him exposed and vulnerable to a well executed end play
  • Bidding infraction : this occurs whenever the responder wants to make a limit raise , after say a 1S opener by partner, and so he decides to stick in a 2 and a half spade bid. He does this by fingering the 3S bidding card first before placing the 2S bid on the table
  • Bare queen : a gay bridge player after an effective stripping manoeuvre
  • Amnesia double : a confident double which you know will come off because you are on lead, but one which is destined to fail........... having completely overlooked the fact that declarer is sitting to your left
  • Take-out double : a thunderous left and right which knock your partner out cold
  • Responsive double : a retaliatory left and right to partner's head, after he foolishly took a swipe at you
  • Rhythm double : a sucession of left and rights, all done of course in perfect tempo

Saturday, 16 October 2010

This disorder is an extreme variant of the more commonly known Superiority Complex. Indeed, within the bizarre world of bridge, there is an alarming number of players who ponce around displaying symptoms of the Jonah Complex. The statistics beggar belief !
Victims of this condition all too often aspire to join the ranks of the elite, looking to partner players who have excellent bridge credentials and glowing reputations. These sought after players , blessed with wisdom, foresight, and years of experience, inevitably end up wanting to give these Jonahs instructions and advice on how to improve their game. However, two of the most acute symptoms of this disturbing complex include stubborn disobedience, and wilful refusal, to play ball.....almost to the point of doing the exact opposite of what they have been told to do.
Just like the biblical Jonah from the Old Testament, these bridge Jonahs question the wisdom of their expert partners, choosing to ignore their words with a brazen arrogance that is breath-taking. They constantly complain, work to their own agenda, and disobey instructions with an air of open defiance........all because they believe they know best. The consequence of this uncooperative behaviour becomes all too obvious with an endless succession of wretched scores and embarrassing results. So victims with this complex soon end up as pariahs within their club, players who are seen as jinxed.....the carriers of bad luck and misfortune................fools, who because of their condition, are unable to learn any lessons.
The sad truth about these victims is that their misplaced notion in their own superiority, and their I know best and why the hell should I listen to you attitudes, are too well ingrained into their psyche. But unlike the repentant Jonah, who eventually the saw the mistake of disobeying God, afflicted bridge players are destined to carry on regardless. Their conceit and arrogance clearly borders on open rebellion and gross impertinence. In other words, I find them as patients utterly incorrigible and incurable.
Not surprisingly, the Jonah Complex has given rise to a popular phrase, so often used by other bridge players to describe those with this terrible affliction : " Don't partner him......he's a right Jonah ". This of course is a carefully disguised euphemism for either " what a pompous bastard " or " he's flamin' cursed ".

Friday, 15 October 2010

Dear all,
I have reluctantly decided to give up playing tournament bridge, for I'm at that point where I no longer care ! After 42 years of agonising frustration of just missing out ( time and time again ) on winning a major trophy, I have now lost all hope of ever finding a partner, who knows what the dickens is going on. No one seems to understand my visionary bids and prism signalling methods. Anyway, I'm finding more fame and glory through my blog than I ever did with my bridge prowess.
So yes...I will not miss for a second all those smart-arsed, mealy-mouthed, up-their-own arses, smug bastards that turn up to these tournaments in their droves. To hell with trying to compete against players whose bidding systems are mystery to mortal men, players who cheat, and players who go squealing to TDs on any pretext they can possibly dream up. I've had it up to my neck playing in a field that is so unlevel it's almost vertical. Because you have to ask yourselves " how was it possible for one of the world's greatest players ( that's me ) to remain so anonymous for so long ? "
Naturally, I haven't given up the game......because I'm now going to do what I was really destined to do. Bunny bashing big time. Taking competent newcomers under my wing and showing them how to murder and marmalise novice pairs, who are and will forever be clueless bumbledogs. Shooting fish in a barrel is something that immediately comes to mind. So what's wrong with wanting to establish myself as the " affordable " club professional, for all those paupers on a limited income..... who we now let into our clubs these days.
However, it is the blog which will take priority over everything else because I am on a quest. Yes, I want every bridge player in the world to know my name a legend in the cyber world of bridge blogging .....after the likes of Bobby and Julie Kay Wolff. Let's face it, my blog will never be dull because the world of bridge is so damn bizarre. Every god damn bridge club is like a theatre of the absurd, where we the players are actors. So it is my duty to expose all its absurdities that most of us choose to ignore.....especially if there is half a chance I might shock, amuse and entertain my readers in the process.
Yours on a roll, Howard Bigot-Johnson

Thursday, 14 October 2010

CARP'S CORNER.......................
Victor Mollo may well have lampooned bridge players as animals, and here on this blog I have already satirised players' peculiar quirks and behavioural traits as incredibly bird-like........well, let me tell you that insects offer far more scope in identifying the stereo-types we so often come across in this bizarre world of bridge. So let's just look at a few examples to see exactly what I mean.
Ant - a busy and reliable type of bridge player, but one that operates only in a routine way
Bee - a relatively harmless player capable of delivering one effective sting only
Grasshopper - someone that flits ( hops) from one partner to another
Mosquito - a deadly sort who loves to bite and cause serious damage
Earwig - despicable cheat who listens in to post mortem discussions on other nearby tables to elicit crucial information about hands soon to be played
Centipede - one who turns up at the bridge table with a 100+ conventions on his/her system card
Grub - after bridge, food is their only other passion
Dung beetle - whatever happens in the bidding this player always lands in the shit
Leech - a hanger-on who fails take a hint: a wretched partner you can never get rid of
Worm - an ambitious creep who tries to burrow his/her way into teams way above his/her class
Stag-beetle - a male chauvinistic type
Cockroach - a despicable type of player who everyone would love to step on and crush at the table
Louse - an unkempt scruffy individual
Ladybird - a very attractive female club member
Spider - a cunning type who sets bidding traps that catches out the unwary fly bidders time and time again
Nit - a complete fool at the game
Flea - an irritating player, often capable of performing clever tricks , but easy to combat
Caterpillar - a young starlet destined to perform on the big stage
Preying mantis - the deadly expert, renown for his highly developed predatory instincts
Scorpion - not a person to mess around with at the bridge table, always ready to strike when opponents doze off
Greenfly - a beginner
Daddy-longlegs - an absent male club member, whose unfortunate parenting duties have taken precedence over bridge
Fluke - a player of no real skill but a winner nevertheless, seemingly blessed with endless good luck
Tick - a cautious bidder who always makes the contract exactly, often squandering in the process countless opportunities for easy overtricks

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG................
Dear Rebecca,
I would suggest that instead of introducing a whole raft of new, weird and fanciful, bidding cards, more should be done to develop the ones already there in the box. For instance, why is there only one red " double " card ? Given that are so many interpretations of its use, which is a nightmare for many who play the game, why not have a different coloured "double" card, for each possibility. This would certainly clear up the confusion and ambiguity that players experience from time to time.
So here are my suggestions :
Red : PENALTIES......which must not under any circumstances be removed
Pink : Optional......leaving it to partner to take a view
Yellow : Responsive and/or co-operative
White : TAKE OUT
Orange : All I have is a decent suit in the one that my RHO has just bid
Blue : Not sure what to bid, but at least partner you can bid again if you want
Purple : Just felt like sticking one in for the fun of it
Now how good is that ! And what's more I've also got an idea for separate coloured " pass " cards :
Black : Forcing
Grey : Mildly forcing
Cream : I would like double the opponents, but I'm short in their trump suit
Khaki : I've nothing more to say about my hand
Green : Absolute zilch......I have no interest in this hand/auction whatsoever
Turquoise : I have just a few points, but sod all help in the suit(s) you have bid partner
Brown : Partner, I'm out of this're on your own
So with all these cards available in the bidding box, how can anybody go wrong ?
Yours doing my hardest to be helpful, Buster Gutt

Monday, 11 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..................
Dear Rebecca,
Thank The Lord God someone has seen the light and is prepared to challenge the bridge establishment, and put forward ideas for radical change. I love you.
As for my humble suggestion, it might lend itself to mis-use or plain abuse. Nevertheless, I do feel this novel bidding card has some worthwhile purpose and validity. In circumstances where you have psyched only to find you can't stop partner from bidding on, then this is the time to play the " pool of vomit " card.
This is a clear instruction for partner to leave the table before making a bid that condemns you to a galactic bottom. He will, according to what you've agreed on the system card, ask to leave the table to be sick. Moreover, he is not allowed to return until the round is about to end. This way the board being played, and possibly the next, will have to be scrapped with averages awarded.
The beauty of this card of course is many of your psyches might never get exposed or recorded, and there's always a guaranteed 50% board there for the taking. Should the psyche lead the opponents getting huffed out of a rock-solid game or slam, then pat yourself on the back, and write up the hand details for a gloating article in the club's next newsletter.
Yours as sly as ever, Howard Bigot-Johnson

Sunday, 10 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG................
Dear Rebecca,
How about this idea for a new addition to the bidding box : a " May Day - SOS " or " Thunderbirds Are Go " card . There are dozens of occasions where you have opened on an appalling or non-existent suit, only to see your LHO double, partner pass, and your RHO gleefully leaving the double in for penalties. This the time when you need to have a May Day card at your disposal.
The benefits of having this little gem are twofold. Firstly, it means the " Redouble " card is restricted to carrying only positive messages. Responder can use it to show good values, and the opener can use it bachgammon style to say " I want to up the ante because the odds favour me making this contract ". Therefore, when the May Day is played it clearly flags up an opposite message : " partner the odds of me making this contract are zero, so for pity's sake bid your best suit to help us get out of a dire situation ".
Yours always striving to overcome bidding ambiguities, Arther Brane
Dear Rebecca,
What a fantastic notion of yours of having more bidding cards to choose from. The one card that is absolutely must in any bidding box is a " Guillotine " card. This would allow a player to stop his partner from bidding again, other than plonking down a pass.
The advantages of having such a card are tremendous. Firstly, it will avoid the calamity of partner making a phantom sacrifice against an opposition contract, which might well fail. Secondly, it will stop partner from making a likely bid which would be destined to incur a very painful and damaging penalty double. Thirdly, it enables you to control the bidding far more effectively, giving you loads more opportunities to be declarer.
Fourthly, it would stop partner from making unsuccessful and fatuous doubles. And lastly, it guarantees that even when you have a partner, who is an aggressive over-bidding maniac, the bidding can never go beyond the point where positive scores are certain.
Yours hating partners who stick their bloody necks out, Anne Boleyn
REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG.......................
It has always seemed very odd to me that bidding boxes have never changed a jot, even though the game of bridge has moved on considerably from the time it was the social thing to do. For me, I see tremendous potential to make the game so much more enjoyable and exciting...........infinitely better for beginners and newcomers who find themselves up against some mean spirited experts.........if bidding boxes were to change. All that is required are just a few more innovative cards to stand alongside the pass, double, redouble, stop and alert.
Indeed, there are so many occasions where we find ourselves up the creek without a paddle, nailed to a cross, up against a brickwall, ready to clutch at any straw.....or should I say RESCUE CARD......which would enable us to escape from the bidding hole we so often find ourselves in. Having already put out a direct appeal to dedicated members of my fan club for any suggestions, I have been deluged with corrrespondence.........where lots of innnovative ideas as been carefully picked over. Letters I considered to offer the best ideas will be published in this blog over the next few days, starting of course with one here and now.
Dear Rebecca,
What about a " Bozo the Clown " card, which allows a player to remove his partner's idiotic bid without penalty. This enables the bidding to revert back to the point prior to the Bozo making a clown of him/herself. Naturally, this will alert the Bozo to recognising the fact he has dropped a clanger, and that a rethink is in order. One would hope and expect a better and more constructive bid to emerge from the box, displaying a modicum of common sense and intelligence.
Yours throwing up a right good idea,
S. Ickey

Saturday, 9 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..................
Dear Rebecca,
At this moment in time I seem unable to improve or upgrade my game. It's as though I'm permanently stuck on 3rd base.
Would paying and playing with better players help ?
Yours Amina Rutt
Dear Amina,
There's no question of doubt that sponsoring top players to be your partner in top class competitions will bring your game on in leaps and bounds. However, this is easier said than done.
For a start, have you got the money to be fleeced by these professionals ? Will these experts for hire be willing to be sponsored by you ? Will your self-confidence, self-belief and fragile ego stand up to the gruelling criticisms that will be heaped upon you, by those who are so adept at spotting mistakes ? Have you the mental agility and IQ to take on board more advanced problem solving, analytical thinking and card reading. I would have to say the odds are very much against you.
Remember this : sensible fish always look for a pond where they are never likely to end up as the minnow food for sharks ? Moreover, it's far far better to be a 5 foot tall giant in a land of dwarfs, than a 5'4" runt in a world of lanky basketball players.
Yours giving it to you good and straight, Rebecca Rood

Friday, 8 October 2010

YET ANOTHER NEARLY TRUE STORY ........ ( By Bridgemeister Gibson )
Not so long ago Bigot asked me to join him as his partner to check out a new venue in town, which advertised itself as a " men only " gay bridge club. Despite not being that way inclined, curiousity got the better of me.
However, when we arrived outside , we were comletely put off by the wording on a large notice, firmly fixed to the front wall of a club house......which was, I might add, bizarrely painted in pink. The notice read :
Well, I ask you.............could a greeting be more brazen than that. Even Bigot had severe reservations about our entry. So not surprisingly we thought better of it, opting instead to turn around, get into the car, and to speed back to our regular club and favourite watering hole........a place where members are far less pushy. Indeed, we both heaved a huge sigh of relief as we came rushing in through the doors, with only seconds to spare to claim our seats.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A MESSAGE FROM BIGOT-JOHNSON......................
Dear Readers,
I would like to thank all my regular followers ( listed and unlisted ) for sticking with this blog, and perhaps recommending it to others. For me this bizarre world of bridge blog is both a journey and a quest. Just how far can any one man push out the boundaries of bridge related literature.......who knows ?
But part of my journey involves delving into the darker corners of my mind, where the monstrous id lurks alongside many of my unbalanced alter egos. By allowing these other selves to have their say this journey sometimes gets me into trouble, but hey that's a risk which is always there whenever I freely speak my mind.
Yet on a positive note the journey has enabled me to find and engage with wonderful people who understand my quest. This in itself makes the whole experience extremely rewarding. However, as soon as I open up new doors to a new audience, others doors close behind me. Even my own club has disowned this blog, by striking it off their website links. But that 's a story I wont go into.
I have always set out to make Bigot-Johnson a villain. A man who sadly epitomises the very worse characteristics we so often see in players, nasty sorts who systematically set about destroying the pleasure that others seek from playing this beautiful game. Bigot's journey is also every reader's journey into self-awareness and self-realisation. But to achieve this, self-denial has to be overcome. As one famous Jesuit priest one said, Why am I afraid to tell you who I really am ? ". The answer of course is that " if I did you wouldn't like me ".
So my quest is out to make every one loathe and despise Bigot-Johnson, but if readers recognise in themselves just one of his character traits, then they might well end up disliking who they really are. This of course will hopefully set them on a journey of change, evolving into players with a far greater level of understanding, empathy, tolerance, politeness and charm.
  • I Love Psyching Against That Woman.......................Connor A. Gayne
  • I Just Gorge Myself On Rabbbits...............................Dee Vower
  • Always Go For An Early Attack................................Dawn Rayder
  • Partner's Like A Dead Weight Around My Neck.........Albert Ross
  • My Defence Is Rock Solid.........................................Iona Castle
  • Is There Something Missing From Your Game.?.......Gay Pinhole
  • Partner, Where's All This Shit Coming From ?...........Sonia Shew
  • That Buffett Cup Victory Was Breathtaking...............Ella Vermatch
  • Partner, I've Not Finished With You Yet..................Mona Littlemore
  • This Always Happens When I Start Off Well.........Fay D. Waye-Badleigh
( Bigot had somehow convinced the Walnut Tree Allotment BC he was a painter of international renown. Boasting that his paintings were fetching over £10,000 each, he persuaded the club to pay £5,000 for an impressionist interpretation of the latest committee portrait photo. However, on its grand unveiling at the AGM the committee were none too pleased. In fact they were livid, and Bigot was summoned to attend an urgently convened disciplinary hearing. )
Chairman : Bigot-Johnson were commissioned to do an impressionist painting of the committee, using the detail from this photograph we gave you......but heavens above just look at the rubbish you produced !!
B-J: What are you talking about..... pray tell me what exactly is wrong with this painting ?
Chairman : Well first off....we can't help but notice that the picture depicts a kangaroo wearing a black gown and a wig......What the blue blazes is that all about ?
B-J : I felt the painting need a touch of humour in it......
Chairman : But not only that....... you've got dotted all around the committee members....... dozens of sheep and banana eating monkeys. What on earth was going on here ?
B-J : Allow me to explain.... the bananas were painted in because the picture needed a splash or two of yellow. As for the sheep and monkeys I was working on the concept of animal farm meeting up with animal house...
Chairman : This is an outrage....and why have you got one committee member wearing a hood and carrying a scythe ?
B-J : That's the farming connection....
Chairman : But what is truly unacceptable is that dozens of other characters have been added to the painting. I see one committee member flanked by Buck Rogers, Ginger Rogers, and Roy Rogers...... who is doing God knows what to Trigger. I see another committee member surrounded by Christopher Wren, Florence Nightingale, and Christopher Robin..... who has got his hands in the same honey pot as pooh bear. In fact, the whole bloody painting is crammed full of well known and well-loved celebrities. God dammit man, you were commissioned to paint 12 people only.
B-J : I thought the picture needed to come alive, giving it kind of party and carnival feel...........
Chairman : And what about all those characters you've included from the Alice in Wonderland story ?
B-J : I wanted the whole thing to look like a Mad Hatter's tea party..................
Chairman : This is preposterous ! .....but we curious to find out why there is an image of the man hanging from the gallows in the background ?
B-J : Well, that was simply added to provide a touch of drama and mystery...............
Chairman : This painting is complete nonsense..... for as I recall, you Bigot were hired as an impressionist painter...
B-J : Yes...unfortunately I gave you the wrong impression as what school of art I belonged to.....I am in reality a surrealist painter.....a fan and devotee of Dali
Chairman : So it seems. But we have heard enough. This apology for art is of no bloody use to us. Moreover, this picture represents a fundamental breach of contract. It is the product of a twisted and devious mind, representing in our eyes an outrageous, offensive and defamatory statement.......which we feel requires us to take disciplinary action against you.
B-J : But what about my five grand ?...............
Chairman : You'll not see a single penny of that....and although we initially thought of dishing out a 6 month ban, we have decided to fine you £2,000 instead. This you might choose to describe this as a " brush off ".
B-J : You swine....
Chairman : Anything else you would like to say ?
B-J : Bugger....bugger....bugger