Tuesday, 3 April 2018

                        GOTCHA  PARKING  

                We are the new boys on the block and 
                our main goal of course is to catch you
                motorists out.

                By using advanced big brother technology,
                non-user friendly ticket machines , terms 
                and conditions the devil himself would have
                been proud of , and ridiculously tiny parking
                bays...........we are all set up to pounce upon
                error-prone motorists to deluge them with 
                our new and exciting , colourfully designed,
                visually stunning 

                                   GOTCHA  PCNs 

            These money-grabbing documents should all
                 be taken in good spirit. So please regard each 
                 PCN as a reminder to keep promises, to avoid 
                 mistakes and not to stray from the straight  
                 and righteous path.

                 In heaven you will pay for your cock-ups here
                 on earth , but unfortunately Gotcha Parking 
                 Services can't afford to wait. We demand that
                 you pay us straightway for your parking sins. 
                 Patience and forgiveness are not virtues we
                 aspire to.... or ever will. 

                                     HAPPY PARKING