Tuesday, 26 October 2010

WOLYNSKI'S VIEW ON BLOGGING.......( By bridgemeister Gibson )
" Sometimes I have to stop and think why I blog - it's not like hundreds of thousands will ever flock to my little shack in the cyberspace universe. I suppose I use it as a scrapbook for my thoughts - but why even make my thoughts public ? There's no money in it, can't lead to anything. Blogging is for blow-hards with nothing better to do. "
Well, to a large extent I agree with her, but if blogs live on long after our deaths, then I'm comforted by the thought that our spirits and thoughts hang around for a bit longer........... for future generations to reflect on, and perhaps be amused by. Humour is a wonderful thing. It can take away a negative mood or feeling if only for a few fleeting seconds. But in a world where joy and happiness are being squeezed away by the crushing vice of stress and chaos, then those fleeting seconds of amusement provide a much welcome respite. Far too many bridge players allow their beloved game to make them miserable rather than contented and cheerful .

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