Sunday, 17 October 2010

  • Unblocking : the removal of ear-plugs after finishing a session unscathed with a ranting foul mouthed bully as a partner
  • Menace : an alternative name given to the likes of a foul-mouthed ranting bully
  • Stripping : a manoeuvre which involves getting rid of a player's suit leaving him exposed and vulnerable to a well executed end play
  • Bidding infraction : this occurs whenever the responder wants to make a limit raise , after say a 1S opener by partner, and so he decides to stick in a 2 and a half spade bid. He does this by fingering the 3S bidding card first before placing the 2S bid on the table
  • Bare queen : a gay bridge player after an effective stripping manoeuvre
  • Amnesia double : a confident double which you know will come off because you are on lead, but one which is destined to fail........... having completely overlooked the fact that declarer is sitting to your left
  • Take-out double : a thunderous left and right which knock your partner out cold
  • Responsive double : a retaliatory left and right to partner's head, after he foolishly took a swipe at you
  • Rhythm double : a sucession of left and rights, all done of course in perfect tempo

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