Sunday, 10 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG.......................
It has always seemed very odd to me that bidding boxes have never changed a jot, even though the game of bridge has moved on considerably from the time it was the social thing to do. For me, I see tremendous potential to make the game so much more enjoyable and exciting...........infinitely better for beginners and newcomers who find themselves up against some mean spirited experts.........if bidding boxes were to change. All that is required are just a few more innovative cards to stand alongside the pass, double, redouble, stop and alert.
Indeed, there are so many occasions where we find ourselves up the creek without a paddle, nailed to a cross, up against a brickwall, ready to clutch at any straw.....or should I say RESCUE CARD......which would enable us to escape from the bidding hole we so often find ourselves in. Having already put out a direct appeal to dedicated members of my fan club for any suggestions, I have been deluged with corrrespondence.........where lots of innnovative ideas as been carefully picked over. Letters I considered to offer the best ideas will be published in this blog over the next few days, starting of course with one here and now.
Dear Rebecca,
What about a " Bozo the Clown " card, which allows a player to remove his partner's idiotic bid without penalty. This enables the bidding to revert back to the point prior to the Bozo making a clown of him/herself. Naturally, this will alert the Bozo to recognising the fact he has dropped a clanger, and that a rethink is in order. One would hope and expect a better and more constructive bid to emerge from the box, displaying a modicum of common sense and intelligence.
Yours throwing up a right good idea,
S. Ickey

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