Saturday, 2 October 2010

  • 2 small : a derogatory sexist comment often made to one's partner about the inadequacy of their main assets
  • AGM : a heaven sent opportunity for those seeking power to swell the turnout, by gerrymandering many of their friends and followers to vote them into office
  • 2 down : a statement likely to made when a takeover bid of a committee is in full swing. This requires their opponents on the committee to resign beforehand or not get re-elected. Often these words are followed by " one to go ".
  • Avoidance play : a clever manoeuvre used by those who (a) refuse to answer a direct question by quickly side-tracking the discussion onto other issues, (b) transfer blame for their poor results onto others, and (c) resort to any excuse to avoid being paired up with a bumbledog
  • DAB : a shortened version of the word "dabble " , which in bridge parlance means either (a) prying into the private affairs of other members, or (b) the level at which some members approach the game of bridge

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