Tuesday, 12 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG................
Dear Rebecca,
I would suggest that instead of introducing a whole raft of new, weird and fanciful, bidding cards, more should be done to develop the ones already there in the box. For instance, why is there only one red " double " card ? Given that are so many interpretations of its use, which is a nightmare for many who play the game, why not have a different coloured "double" card, for each possibility. This would certainly clear up the confusion and ambiguity that players experience from time to time.
So here are my suggestions :
Red : PENALTIES......which must not under any circumstances be removed
Pink : Optional......leaving it to partner to take a view
Yellow : Responsive and/or co-operative
White : TAKE OUT
Orange : All I have is a decent suit in the one that my RHO has just bid
Blue : Not sure what to bid, but at least partner you can bid again if you want
Purple : Just felt like sticking one in for the fun of it
Now how good is that ! And what's more I've also got an idea for separate coloured " pass " cards :
Black : Forcing
Grey : Mildly forcing
Cream : I would like double the opponents, but I'm short in their trump suit
Khaki : I've nothing more to say about my hand
Green : Absolute zilch......I have no interest in this hand/auction whatsoever
Turquoise : I have just a few points, but sod all help in the suit(s) you have bid partner
Brown : Partner, I'm out of this auction.....you're on your own
So with all these cards available in the bidding box, how can anybody go wrong ?
Yours doing my hardest to be helpful, Buster Gutt

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