Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A MESSAGE FROM BIGOT-JOHNSON......................
Dear Readers,
I would like to thank all my regular followers ( listed and unlisted ) for sticking with this blog, and perhaps recommending it to others. For me this bizarre world of bridge blog is both a journey and a quest. Just how far can any one man push out the boundaries of bridge related literature.......who knows ?
But part of my journey involves delving into the darker corners of my mind, where the monstrous id lurks alongside many of my unbalanced alter egos. By allowing these other selves to have their say this journey sometimes gets me into trouble, but hey that's a risk which is always there whenever I freely speak my mind.
Yet on a positive note the journey has enabled me to find and engage with wonderful people who understand my quest. This in itself makes the whole experience extremely rewarding. However, as soon as I open up new doors to a new audience, others doors close behind me. Even my own club has disowned this blog, by striking it off their website links. But that 's a story I wont go into.
I have always set out to make Bigot-Johnson a villain. A man who sadly epitomises the very worse characteristics we so often see in players, nasty sorts who systematically set about destroying the pleasure that others seek from playing this beautiful game. Bigot's journey is also every reader's journey into self-awareness and self-realisation. But to achieve this, self-denial has to be overcome. As one famous Jesuit priest one said, Why am I afraid to tell you who I really am ? ". The answer of course is that " if I did you wouldn't like me ".
So my quest is out to make every one loathe and despise Bigot-Johnson, but if readers recognise in themselves just one of his character traits, then they might well end up disliking who they really are. This of course will hopefully set them on a journey of change, evolving into players with a far greater level of understanding, empathy, tolerance, politeness and charm.

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