Monday, 11 October 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..................
Dear Rebecca,
Thank The Lord God someone has seen the light and is prepared to challenge the bridge establishment, and put forward ideas for radical change. I love you.
As for my humble suggestion, it might lend itself to mis-use or plain abuse. Nevertheless, I do feel this novel bidding card has some worthwhile purpose and validity. In circumstances where you have psyched only to find you can't stop partner from bidding on, then this is the time to play the " pool of vomit " card.
This is a clear instruction for partner to leave the table before making a bid that condemns you to a galactic bottom. He will, according to what you've agreed on the system card, ask to leave the table to be sick. Moreover, he is not allowed to return until the round is about to end. This way the board being played, and possibly the next, will have to be scrapped with averages awarded.
The beauty of this card of course is many of your psyches might never get exposed or recorded, and there's always a guaranteed 50% board there for the taking. Should the psyche lead the opponents getting huffed out of a rock-solid game or slam, then pat yourself on the back, and write up the hand details for a gloating article in the club's next newsletter.
Yours as sly as ever, Howard Bigot-Johnson

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