Saturday, 23 October 2010

A POEM BY DR. SIGMUND T. SCHUKELGRUBER........ ( Entitled " The Bridge Blog Reader's Lament " )
There's so much out there
Too much to choose
Time is so precious
There's no time to lose
So if I'll read one today
And leave the rest for others
I can binge on Sunday
If I'm not at my mothers
But as for the bloggers
How do they keep going ?
Is their stuff read by many ?
There's no way of knowing
Yes I have a few favourites
They're all friends of mine
To ignore them for others
Means crossing that line
But there is one exception
A blog so bizarrre
A Bigot-Johnson creation
A new cyberspace star
His take on the bridge world
Is cutting and sharp
I love all of his characters
Especially Carp
Yet if I read all his posts
It would take me a year
But staying glued to a screen
Is my innermost fear
Yes, I need to break free
And to quit reading blogs
Because as a bridge junkie
My life's gone to the dogs
I need lots of new challenges
To live life to the full
To converse with real people
No matter how dull
With places to visit
There's lots to choose
But time is against me
So no time to lose

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