Sunday, 31 December 2017


- So the Supreme Court judges shafted us good and proper
- Yes they sure did
- Well it seems to me that the commercial justification argument for a deterrent fine should 
   have only applied to serial over-stayers and those who overstay out of a blatant disregard 
   for other motorists ,  who....when car parks are very busy.....are desperately looking for
   available spaces. Overstaying by a few minutes hardly undermines the effective 
   traffic space management of the car park , which aims to benefit all motorists 
   hoping to use its facilities.
- I agree
- So why didn't our lawyers set out to make this distinction ?
- God knows 
- The notion of a flat-rate lump sum fine for any it 5 minutes or 5 hours must 
   surely in some instances to be regarded as an unenforceable penalty .....because it fails 
   to separate and distinguish petty breaches from far more serious ones
- I agree
- A fairer system...... so easy to to fine offending motorists 50p for each  
  minute overstay ,  in keeping with the way magistrates vary the fines on motorists in 
  accordance with the actual speed they were clocked at......
- So why didn't our lawyers raise this particular argument ?
- God knows
- Well let me tell you that most private car parking companies rely on four things in order to 
  secure evidence on which to levy a legally enforceable fine
- And what are those Bigot ?
- A camera that works with a clean, clear lens......a ticket machine with unclogged coin slots
  which accepts the coins and issues a valid ticket.......a signboard which highlights in big 
  bold lettering all the onerous terms , easily legible.... not covered by graffiti......and 
  registration plates which are both readable and genuine
- what's the point you are trying to make ?
-  Well , if these requirements are compromised in any way......other motorists would have a 
  cast-iron get-out-of-jail card to thwart all these vindictive and mercenary parking 
- Are you suggesting foul play on the part of the motorist ?
- Not exactly ..... but how does one combat scamming ....not to mention obtaining money by 
  threats and intimidation ........crimes which are far worse ?
- I agree
- Nice talking to you
- It's been a pleasure and an education

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