Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Recent research from the UNIVERSITY OF THE BLOODY OBVIOUS ( an institution that should replace all other universities ) has warned that internet bridge is guaranteed to make us feel lonely and morose.
Social contact is what makes us human and behave like humans. Nothing beats face-to-face dialogue, group discussion and social banter. Staring at a screen , with eyes solely fixed on a virtual reality bridge table, playing with faceless partners against faceless opponents is no substitute for the real thing. Real interaction is what makes us happy. Social media generally is full of sad and lonely people claiming everything is OK and perfectly fine, when clearly the opposite is true.
Being a member of a warm welcoming bridge club is like being part of a wonderful family who all share the shame passion and interest in the game as you do. Jovial conversation , and real laughter is both infectious and uplifting. The flat and meaningless quickly typed comment followed by a LOL text reply offers no comparison whatsoever.. 
It's bloody obvious that internet bridge will become the final nail which seals the coffin on club bridge.  As old members and new enthusiasts turn into internet converts , they will remain blind to the fact that while technology seems to present opportunities to fill a social void, it creates in the long term a far greater one of hideous and frightening proportions. 


Neville Richards said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

It is sort of scary! To me the purpose of internet bridge is to show the world (in most cases at finals of NABCs or World Championships) sponsored by BBO how top players perform. Playing online is like a robot but BBO PLAYS A VERY CRUCIAL ROLE in showing the public (in most instances) what bridge is really all about?

Judy Kay-Wolff

Howard Bigot-Johnson said...

Yes Judy ,
There are always two sides to every issue. And to an extent internet bridge could be the way to persuade those who find the game interesting to watch or play to go out and join a club. The down side of course is those who like the game might find the net a bigger pull than a club for a multitude of reasons ( cost , convenience and anonymity ).
BBO is my view is like a wonderful supermarket ....a place where hundreds go at the expense of the small local shop , which over the years has slowly disappeared being unable to compete with the big technologically managed giants.
Nevertheless I do feel clubs will survive as hard core enthusiasts will never succumb to the virtual reality world of robot bridge or faceless players , but the problem of dwindling membership numbers will remain for the indefinite future.
Tx for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Don't misunderstand. I AM NOT KNOCKING BBO. I think it is the greatest CONTRIBUTION TO OUR UNIVERSAL GAME THAT HAS ever APPEARED. It bridges the continents!

Judy Kay-Wolff