Sunday, 7 February 2016


Dear Carp ,
I thoroughly endorse what you about zero tolerance policies, and the need to introduce instead a no-nonsense , " man up " ,  zero complaints policy.
In every other sport I know of competitors are expected to man up and show raw guts , courage and resolve , when opponents choose to behave in an aggressive and provocative way. No one says in football you can't foul or bad mouth the opponents. But there is a price to pay if you do , and that's how it should be. Players must learn to face the fear , and be content that wrongdoers will be punished. Indeed , psychological warfare is part and parcel of any competitive sport , and this often involves " psyching out " an opponent. Who in God's name has ever heard of a boxer being reprimanded for giving his opponent the evil eye or a threatening look ? 
However , having said all that there are many other " zero " policies which bridge clubs should introduce , and enforce with the proverbial iron fist inside a velvet glove. Policies which should all take precedence over zero tolerance :
1. Zero hesitations
2. Zero slow play
3. Zero bullying
4. Zero cheating in all its many and varied forms
5. Zero hypocrisy
6. Zero elitism
7. Zero nepotism
8. Zero favouritism
9. Zero false , incomplete or misleading bid explanations
10. Zero secrecy
11. Zero shenanigans
12. Zero incompetence
13. Zero gerrymandering
14. Zero abuse of power
15. Zero money wasting 
16. Zero conspiracies
17. Zero hidden agendas
18. Zero corruption
19. Zero witch hunts
20. Zero back-stabbing

The  toleration of these behaviours is pure insanity , and how can it be right to crack down on those who react badly to these unacceptable forms of behaviour. They have a right to forcibly respond and verbally attack such wrongdoings , and those who continue to look the other way and turn a blind eye. Moreover , it is my firm belief that by focusing attention on these " zero " policies , members'  anger , frustration and discontent would ebb away .....and with it the rage that brings on rudeness and bad mouthing.

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