Sunday, 23 October 2016


  • Hesitations : the communication technique preferred by most cheating pairs 
  • 4th position : the one likely to be occupied at the end of the day by a team of rabbits in a field of four 
  • Agenda :  a list drawn up by a committee naming all those undesirable members it intends to get rid of
  • Misfits :  the common term to describe partnerships where players operate on completely different wavelengths
  • Good raise :  what an easily excited player experiences when an attractive lady arrives at his table
  • Trump echo : the phenomenon  of a player's rather loud and smelly fart bouncing off a wall for a second attack on members' rather sensitive sense of smell
  • Trial bid : when a club opts to take a dispute to court rather than seeking much more cost-effective options such as mediation and arbitration
  • Rule of eleven : the number of cards a player should have left in his hand after the first two tricks have been taken
  • Smother play : what any player would like to do to his inept partner if a cushion happens to be close at hand
  • Switch : the action of an intolerant unforgiving player who quickly replaces one partner for another in his/her hopeless quest for flawless bridge

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