Sunday, 4 May 2014


Not many people have heard of this rare and unusual affliction, which was first diagnosed and named after a half-crazed musician set a world record for the longest stint of piano playing. For all those in attendance the experience was particularly unpleasant , having to listen to the same old tune being banged out again....and again....and again
In the bizarre world of bridge far too many players suffer from the syncopation sandy syndrome , forever droning on about the time they took a top off an international pair , or rubbed shoulders with one of the world's best . These , or any other rare moments of glory and fame , will be retold countless times , never allowing their audience to forget or overlook such treasured moments. The constant banging out of the same old stories quickly develops into an all consuming  obsession, which completely dominates their conversations with fellow bridge players . 
Indeed , one self-proclaimed professional up North is still beating his drum about how and why is bidding system is superior to anything else out there. Indeed , the one and only time the system actually put him into a makeable game , when no one else in the room managed to find or let alone get near , has now become the irrefutable evidence to relentlessly hammer home the virtues of his beloved system.   

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