Monday, 29 December 2014

NOW I'VE SEEN IT ALL.......... (  Feature article by Ima Wright -Tosser )

The other night I turned up as a guest at the infamous Slaughter House Bridge Run , owned and managed By Howard Bigot-Johnson. And let me tell you the Hell Fire Club would have resembled a monastery compared to this place.  To say anything goes off here would be a gross understatement , with players of both sexes behaving like thugs and hooligans. The things I saw being thrown across the room left be speechless...... as well as ducking for cover. This wasn't just the bizarre world of modern day bridge but a battlefield in an extremely dangerous war zone. Items I saw players throw included ....

  • towels  
  • tantrums , fits and paddies
  • all manner of glances , mostly menacing 
  • massive wobblies
  • rule books
  • cold water  ( on decent suggestions and ideas )
  • bridgemates
  • huge dollops of dirt  ( on all and sundry )
  • punches 
  • insults  ( by the dozen )
  • money on lost causes
  • salt on someone else's game
  • babies along with the bath water
  • caution to the wind 
  • one's weight around 
But I must say that this was bridge which had me on the edge of my seat , for the longest and most amazing white knuckle ride of my life.  

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