Wednesday, 25 March 2015

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY .........................

Trick :
  • a very precious and highly sought after commodity that unscrupulous players will go to any lengths to obtain if it is the one which guarantees a winning score 
  • what cunning and crafty players try to put over unwary and gullible opponents , to fool them by employing tactics linked with dark art of deception  
  • a mind-blowing manoeuvre  so difficult to execute that only the most talented bridge players have the ability to achieve success in situations where all others have failed 
  • a knack or particular skill , such as making your opponents believe the opposite of what is true , to lead them down the proverbial garden path
  • to bring about a favourable or surprise result , to achieve something that was seemingly unachievable and completely unexpected
  • a missed opportunity to capitalise on an uncharacteristic mistake made by a higher ranking opponent  ( to miss a trick )
  • a spiteful act or prank one player might play upon another in order to ridicule and humiliate that person in front of his/her peers ( to play a trick )
  • what any red blooded , sex-driven male bridge player is willing to purchase , having decided to celebrate a successful night by visiting his local red-light district    
  • ( Plural ) when preceded by the word " how " , this term relates to how one is getting on or what one is up to , usually with regards to bridge  

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