Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BRIDGE BOOK REVIEW........ ( By Pun )

" Sniffing Out Those Missing Honours " by Bill Hooter has been voted bridge book of the year. Indeed it is a god send for all those players who experience great difficulty in locating missing honours.
The author attempts to educate readers into mastering the arts of logical deduction and table presence. On every page there is an illustrative hand which the author himself played with great aplomb, sniffing out the location of critical honour cards with remarkable success. Describing how inferior players always resort to a 50-50 guess, he proves by clinical analysis , inference and intuition how the odds can change to 90-10 in his favour. 
Bill maintains that bridge players need to develop the skills demonstrated by professional poker players , who rely on their observation of " tells " with startling success. The subtle nuances of changes in body language and facial expressions all too often give the game away.
Renown by his peers for having a real nose for accurate card reading , the author has won many prestigious trophies in his time. His partner B. K. Snout claims that without Bill's tuition he would have remained a nobody in the world of bridge. When defending they never fail to glean crucial information about each other's hand , simply by putting effective sniffing into practice. According to them big decisions should never be left to chance. 


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