Monday, 31 August 2015


1. Looking Down One's Nose Award.......goes to the member who regards all others as
                                                               being grossly inferior in all aspects of the game
2. Clean Nose Award.....for the most sickening overly pious, godly , pure-as-the-driven-snow , 
3. Toffee Nose Award.......ear-marked for the member whose upper-class, aristocratic , 
                                         condescending attitude riles everyone he/she meets 
4. Bloody Nose Award......for the poor inattentive fool who failed to observe a flying 
                                         bridge mate zooming in at head height
5. Red Nose Award.......... for the member whose consumption of alcohol brings real colour to
                                         specific protrusions on his/her face 
6. Poking One's Nose Award.......obviously goes to the person with a nasty habit of interfering
                                                    with other members' business and/or private affairs
7. Get Up One's Nose Award.......for the most irritating player , who possesses an amazing
                                                    knack of annoying every opponent he/she encounters
8. Brown Nose Award .......bestowed only to the most obnoxious sycophant in the club ,whose
                                          willingness to lick the arses of the elite knows no bounds
9. Nose To The Grindstone Awards.....goes to most hard-working committee members who 
                                                            choose to keep their heads down oblivious to the
                                                            shenanigans going on around them
10. Cut Off One's Nose Off To Spite One's Face Awards.....for all those committee
                                                                members who foolishly engage in needlessly self-
                                                                destructive reactions to a problem     

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