Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Yes the man has done it again with yet another stunning bold initiative. Certain members have been invited to join a club within a club , having been party to some amazing and spectacular co-incidences at the table. 
The latest pairings to join were..........
Flinch & Fox.....who on every occasion they quizzed their opponents about the meaning of an artificial suit bid always sat over the bidder with a huge holding in that particular suit
Coxcomb & Smug....who always managed to lead out an Ace whenever partner held a singleton in that suit , immediately setting up a ruffling position on the play of the next trick
Shyster & Flywheel ......who never failed to know the exact point count of partner's immediate double of an opponent's opening suit bid , given the precise lapse of time between the two bids
Little & Large.......who despite proving themselves to be completely useless at the game when partnering others , always managed as a pair to do extremely well in big money competitions and tournaments
Bluster & Bragg......who perfected the art of indecision and hesitation whenever they held a singleton in the suit being played , or a holding without the queen
Payne  &  Gripe .....who without exception psyched whenever the following circumstances presented themselves ( a ) two opening passes , ( b) favourable vulnerability , ( c ) weak opponents ,  ( d ) two good boards already bagged in a round of 3 , ( e ) player to bid in third position held a singleton spade or less but instead a long weak minor , (  f ) compulsory pre-empt bid of 3 spades

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