Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Dear Rebecca ,
What on earth is the blog Bizarrebridgeworld all about ? In my opinion it's the insane ravings of a man, who has massive hangups and an extremely warped multiple-personality disorder . Not only that he is crude , bigoted , and an all round nasty piece of work,  his blog is a sham having nothing to do with the game itself.
Do you agree ?

Yours utterly gutted by it all ,  Ima Herring 

Dear Ima,
Unlike you I find this blog both revealing and enlightening. If you care to read the blog title it should be obvious , even to a simpleton , that its content is about the " world " of bridge, focusing far more on the administration of the game , the way clubs are run , the types of people the game attracts , their psychological profiles , their petty politics , dealing with many of the contentious issues that forever blight this beautiful game. 
Moreover , the blog exposes and ridicules our human frailties and shortcomings. The author's observations are nothing more than a genuine attempt to prove that the world of bridge is truly bizarre. For beneath all the satire , lampooning , sarcasm , and crudity there lies unpalatable truths that very few of us are prepared to acknowledge and accept. And if bridge clubs are depicted as " asylums "  then this simply reflects the madness that goes on inside them. 
So my advice is this : if you only want to read about bridge hands then explore the many excellent blogs which are out there in abundance on the internet. Otherwise , take off your rose-tinted glasses and see the bridge world as Howard Bigot Johnson does.

Yours another realist and a hard nosed critic , Rebecca Rood

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