Saturday, 27 September 2014

COMMITTEE SPEAK (  Terms and their meaning as used by Bigot-Johnson and  his cronies at the Slaughter House Bridge Club ) 

  • Pantopods : dissident club members to be kept under close surveillance and control
  • Them : riff raff , club members of no significance or threat
  • Strategic goals : Acquisition and consolidation of power
  • Long road ahead : Further purges of the membership ,  the total eradication of the enemy within 
  • Nothing ruled out : even more drastic measures are on the cards 
  • Meetings : war cabinet briefings
  • Minutes of meetings : dissemination of misinformation and/or disinformation
  • Newsletters and reports : invaluable propaganda material
  • Club Constitution : A troublesome document to be either amended or ignored
  • Checks and safeguards : fanciful concepts corrupting the club's Constitution
  • Club's assets : property earmarked for the privileged few
  • The future : someone else's problem
  •  Progress : the gradual elimination and removal of all traitors, dissidents,  troublemakers, whistle-blowers and outspoken critics
  •  Officers : privileged members of the committee who can act and take decisions with  impunity
  • Agenda for the meeting : a false and deceptive document which distracts all and sundry from the hidden agenda , drawn up by those who prefer to conduct the real business of the day in absolute secrecy 
  • AGM : a rallying of the troops , lackeys and ardent supporters
  • Canvassing for votes : behind the scenes gerrymandering
  • Proxy voting : a form of insurance should voting at an AGM go pear-shaped 
  • Disciplinary hearings : a clever euphemism for foregone conclusions
  • Zero tolerance : a wonderful excuse to kick the living daylights out of those who dare to cross the line
  • Social and friendly club : a smokescreen objective by which to introduce strict zero tolerance policies and the brutal enforcement of petty and pointless rules
  • Required codes of conduct : subservience ,  obedience, submissiveness and compliance
  • Whistle blowing : a despicable practice necessitating severe retribution
  • Duty of confidentiality :  a wonderfully effective lid on which to cover up all committee shenanigans and wrongdoings 
  • U-turn :  a nightmare scenario to be avoided at all costs
  • In someone's pocket : a truth never to be revealed and dismissed as a lie   

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