Friday, 24 July 2015

BALLAD OF A FADING BRIDGE STAR........( By John Howard Gibson )  

Your memory's all gone
Your bidding's all wrong
You lose track of the play
What more can I say
This game's too hard for you now

It's all but gone.... that will to win
Lack of focus is such a big sin
You can't recall cards only just played
Contracts fail which ought to have made
This game's too hard for you now

Your eyes look empty, sad and tired
Gone are the days you used to be hired
Being a has been  is never easy to take
So why not give bridge a permanent break
This game's too hard for you now

Once a man of glory , success and fame
Alas , no one today even knows your name
As an ageing player you offer no threat
So just face the truth and admit with regret
This game is too hard for you now

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