Sunday, 5 July 2015


- Christ man....I haven't seen you in ages
- I'm not surprised.....I don't go to the club anymore
-'ve given up bridge ?
- No....I'm playing the game more than ever before
- Yeh ?
- I quit the club along with several other members to form our own virtual reality bridge club
- Well bugger me what's that all about ?
- It's bridge on the internet....each of us downloaded the software to play duplicate bridge
  at agreed times. The standard of bridge is not only high but the playing field is absolutely 
- No kidding
- Yes....we all take the North seat , with a randomly chosen robot partner , to take on all the  
  East/West robot partnerships. The East/West robots all play to the same system card , but
  they are also programmed to provide different levels of challenge. Nevertheless , the  
  programming also gives them different personality profiles , to reflect both basic human 
  strengths and weaknesses
- Amazing
- However , your robot partner will play to whatever system you like ....but at the same time
  he/she too will occasionally succumb to human-like failings and shortcomings despite being a 
  solid and reliable bridge player
- I'm gobsmacked by all this
- But the best bit is this.......the robots don't cheat or hesitate.....they don't lecture or  
  answer back.....they never revoke and they play the cards quickly. Not only that ....they     make  intelligent and logical decisions based on all the information they have gleaned from  
  the bidding and the play of cards to date
- Sounds great
- The play of the hands is very fast although you are allowed .....because of your sluggish take a little longer. Mind you 24 boards can be easily got through in 90 
  minutes ......and whichever North wins the event he/she knows they all had the same cards 
  playing and the same opponents. Never can a playing field be as level as this one
- God am I impressed
- should be because this is the only way to improve your bridge in leaps and
  bounds. In fact all our robot opponents are now pre-set at near-expert and expert levels 
- Can I join this club then ?
- Of course....but the initial cost of downloading the software is around £200
- No problem to a man of my means....count me in
- Well , log in 7-30pm this Wednesday then
- Will do my friend

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