Friday, 6 November 2015

IN DEFENCE OF SARCASM.............( Article by Bigot-Johnson )

Does it never occur to people that sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit but the highest. Moreover , it can only be delivered by those who are blessed with a higher form of intellect and intelligence. Indeed it is people like me who set out with a clear agenda to help these critics improve their own intellectual capacities.
Some of these dullards have the audacity to suggest that the extent of my sarcasm is associated with an outrageous arrogance. But hold here.....surely gifted as I am with intelligence and wit ,  I am entitled to be arrogant. Nevertheless I do acknowledge that I am no Graucho Marx , who without a shadow of doubt was the greatest of them of all. In terms of off-the-cuff sarcastic quips this man had no equal. He took sarcasm up to unprecedented heights :
sublime , excruciatingly funny and utter devastating.
In my mind sarcasm is a bold and noble attempt to expose a truth by means of stating the opposite , or by making gross or absurd exaggerations. It is in effect making a joke of hard unpalatable truths. Too many readers fail to register and accept any disturbing and unsettling facts. Therefore such revelations need to be knocked into their tiny heads with a magical hammer forged out of  pure sarcasm and acid wit. But then these dullards have the bare faced cheek to object to the choice of language used. 
And what of the victims of such vitriolic attacks ? If they are guilty of crimes , immoral acts or other forms of unacceptable behaviour, then why not expose such wrongdoings by means of poetic licence , verbal dexterity and imagination laced with well crafted figures of speech. To craft sarcasm is an incredible challenge , worthy of praise , and these people who have been exposed in this way should regard it all as flattery. They should take responsibility for their actions and in doing so respect the authors for putting them firmly into the spotlight.    

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