Monday, 2 November 2015


Now in its final stages this forthcoming literary masterpiece is all set to take the bridge book market by storm. The author Fuller Payne provides the reader with a harrowing tale of woe. In effect , it is a study of the Human Condition , its shortcomings and failings , wrapped up in the saga and folly of lengthy litigation. Based on true facts , it is a story that beggars belief. There are no heroes or good guys , only casualties burdened with crippling financial costs.
For social and sports clubs , both large and small , this blockbuster of a book is an essential read if history is never to repeat itself. This shocking and riveting story shows how prejudice , ignorance , stubbornness , lack of foresight , arrogance and insanity provide the perfect ingredients for an unmitigated disaster. The author's aim is to first shock and then educate the reader. So in an attempt to whet your appetite , here is the list of chapter headings , designed to provide the reader with a potted history of this sad and tragic tale :

1.   Gathering storm clouds : rumblings of discontent 
2.   That dreadful man has to go
3.   Failed attempts and botched petitions 
4.   A new plot is hatched
5.   The infamous AGM
6.   A brutal backstabbing
7.   Triumphant committee takeover 
8.   We're here to do a job
9.   The flying bridgemate incident
10. The day of the kangaroos 
11. The stitch up 
12.  An appeal is lodged
13.  The kangaroos return
14.  Another stitch up
15.  The threatened lawsuit
16.   Bring it on : a cry of defiance
17.   Nothing will come of it
18.   It will all blow over
19.   We did nothing wrong
20.   Mediation is out of the question
21.   Not so says the judge
22.   Mediation day : the greatest non-event of all time
23.   Another pre-trial review
24.   What no defence ? The wasted costs order
25.   5 years of dispute and the wind is still blowing
26.   Trial date is set
27.   Another AGM : now panic in the ranks
28.   It's not our fault , we had no choice 
29.   We're only amateurs
30.   Judgement day arrives


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