Thursday, 3 December 2015

BIGOT SHOWS THE WORLD ON HOW COMMITTEES SHOULD BE RUN...... (  As evidenced by this secret recording of a recent committee meeting )

B-J ( Chairman ) :  I wish to put forward a motion........which is to raise funds by remortgaging the club house
Spokesman  ( for all the other committee members ) : We're all in complete agreement with you , my Fuhrer 
B-J : I wholeheartedly agree that you were right to support this motion
Spokesman : We agree that the chairman couldn't be more right about agreeing that we were right to support the motion
B-J : So let's now have a debate on the motion
New committee member : I don't mean to rock to boat , but I can't help but query why we need to debate the motion  , when it is perfectly clear that everyone is in agreement with the motion 
B-J : How dare you suggest that we forego the debate......such a suggestion warrants a severe reprimand.....and as a consequence , I certainly wish to put another motion to the committee ....which is to implement your immediate expulsion from this club .... and your ejection from this meeting
Spokesman : We too agree with this motion 
B-J : Motion carried can someone call in security to get this man removed forthwith from this building......thank you......and now let's move onto motion number 3....which states that in all future meetings only committee members , who agree without question any motion I care to introduce ,  will be allowed into the committee room
Spokesman : Yes , yes.....yes.....we all agree that motion too
B-J  : Well,  I take then motions 1 and 3 are also by carried by a unanimous majority
Spokesman : Indeed , my Fuhrer........indeed
B-J  : Shall we dispense with debating these two issues.......and have a liquid lunch instead
Spokesman: What a splendid idea......

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