Saturday, 19 December 2015


Chairman , Bigot-Johnson , has always been a great believer in forming specialist sub-committees to handle difficult and demanding tasks , which of course enables the main committee to focus on the broader policy issues. 
Over the years the club has created and developed well over 20 sub-committees , which have all proved indispensable in Bigot-Johnson's quest to run the place with absolute control and ruthless efficiency. The responsibilities and tasks carried out by these extremely important sub-committees are listed below:
1.   Inventing limp but plausible excuses
2.   Blame avoidance and transference
3.   Covert operations
4.   Investigations into members' alleged misconduct
5.   Theatrical productions and re-enactments
6.   Frame-ups and fit-ups
7.   Character assassinations 
8    Publication and dissemination of propaganda
9.    Contracts and indemnity clauses 
10.  Removal and disposal of incriminating evidence
11.  Knee-jerk reactions
12. AGM vote rigging  
13. Applications vetting and reviews
14. Internal surveillance and security
15. Preparation and storage of dossiers on members
16. Incognito ad hoc activities
17. Reckless spending projects
18. Fund raising for lawyers' fees
19. Reviewing oversights and cover ups
20. Circumventing club rules and regulations
21. Coordinating the work of sub-committees
22. Performance and appraisal ( of sub-committee members )
23. Ideas and development for new sub-committees
24. Slush fund budgeting


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