Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Victims of this complex are found in large numbers in bridge clubs across the world. Many of them through gentle cajoling are persuaded to help make up committee numbers to perform the role of obliging sheep.
This condition manifests itself by a growing lack of personal confidence , which in turn compels them to adopt the opinions and views of the group. This need to follow soon becomes the most important aspect of their personal behaviour , especially when surrounded by more controlling and  domineering club members. Indeed , the group's praise encourages the bah bah victim to reject their own opinions in favour of the group's. In short , this complex turns them into completely harmless sheep , willing to follow the leads and directions made by others.
This follow-my-leader merry-go-round completely runs the life of these woolly-headed sufferers , who become hostages to this debilitating affliction. Classic symptoms associated with this condition can be listed as follows:
- an inability to formulate their own position without the preliminary guidance and counselling
  of the group
- high estimation of the opinions held by the group leader , which initiates the depreciation of 
  their own opinions , irrespective of the fact they might even be of greater merit 
- high tendency to believe in the mantra recited by the group without ever questioning its
  content or meaning
- the abject desire to allow the influences of others to shape and direct their lives to an
  excessive almost dangerous degree
- an inability to cope with the group's indifference or condemnation towards themselves  

Sadly , this complex tends develop into a vicious circle. The more they lose their own personal identity by agreeing with everything others are saying ,  the more despised they become. This in turn compels them to seek favour and praise by choosing to go along with the majority view , but in doing so this subjects them to even more derision and ridicule. So by becoming the ultimate sheep-like individual , the risk of dramatic consequences  ( such as mental breakdowns ) heightens considerably. This bah bah complex can only be cured by relations moving towards mutual respect and esteem. However , the chances of this happening are nil because what sane person could ever respect a " yes " man , nodding dog ,  or  an eager-to-please sycophantic creep.               

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