Sunday, 24 January 2016

A VERY NEARLY TRUE STORY.......( By Bridgemeister Gibson )

Although feeling remarkably fit an extremely active 70 year old bridge player decided it would be a good idea to see his doctor for a full medical check-up. When the check had been completed the doctor said "  My God man.... you really are in great shape. I can't find anything wrong with you. You'll probably be playing bridge till you're a hundred. So tell me old was your father when he died ? "
" Did I say he was dead ? " came the reply.
So the doctor then asked , " How old is your father , is he still active ? "
" He's 93....he jogs daily to keep fit..... and plays bridge at least 4 or 5 times a week to keep his mind active "
" Well ....that's how old was your grandfather when he died ?
" Did I say he was dead ? "
" Good mean to tell me that you are 70 years old and both your father and grandfather are alive ? And is your grandfather still active ? 
" Yes....and all 3 of us are lifelong members of the same bridge club . In fact my 116 year old grandfather .......who has been a widower four times ....... is now marrying his very young and attractive female partner  "
" Unbelievable.....but why on earth would he want to get married again... at his age ?
" Did I say he wanted to ? "   

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