Saturday, 16 January 2016


Judge : Why in God's name didn't you offer Pantopod an agreed sum of damages in return for him dropping the law suit for his reinstatement as a member ? 
B-J : WHAT !! Paying that toerag money would be an outrage and unforgivable sin. For years he has been the scourge of our club upsetting members left , right and center. How can courts condone the actions criminals and villains ?..... They should set about hanging them. Paying that man any sum of damages would be an act of pure INSANITY ....
Judge : Yes.....but forking out £70,000.... and planning to shell out much more.......on outrageously expensive legal that's what I call insanity
B-J : Yes....but there are certain principles at stake here which must be honoured at all costs
Judge : Like what ?
B-J : Like....not allowing the committee to be blackmailed by the threat of a law not caving in to his demands to resolve this dispute through mediation for that would be tantamount to a complete capitulation on our part.....and like standing up for what we believe was a right and just decision to expel this obnoxious Pantopod
Judge : Can you not see that these principles are nothing more than abstract ideals which fly in the face of common sense. The club happens to be a concrete reality and its members are living , breathing human beings. Some morally sound principles have to be sacrificed for the better good , which in your case is the financial survival of your club and its future existence. This fundamental and overriding concept of utilitarianism requires you to incur a short term loss or sacrifice secure a much greater long term benefit. This means therefore... you have made two calamitous errors of in refusing mediation at the outset.... and the other , when ordered to go to mediation , by turning up....... brandishing non-negotiable pre-conditions
B-J : Hold on your must remember......we are the ones being sued 
Judge : Did it not occur to you that there were good well-founded reasons for the plaintiff wanting to seek justice ?
B-J : Pantopod was a sinner........expulsion was the punishment he rightfully deserved
Judge : But not as a consequence of the shameful manner and way you went about the disciplinary process......rules of natural justice cannot be flouted no matter who is in the frame .....and no matter what kind the misconduct he has been accused of.....
B-J : Oh that really what the law says
Judge : I'm afraid it is....and ignorance of the law is no excuse
B-J : Bugger....bugger....bugger

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