Monday, 25 January 2016


1. The Chairman knows what's best for the club
2.  The Chairman always has the last say on what the written rules of the Constitution  mean
3.  The chairman can change any of these rules he/she believes is in need of alteration, 
      modification or deletion , at  any time without having to give the membership any prior 
      notification whatsoever
4.   Ordinary members are forbidden from obtaining any knowledge of these unwritten rules 
      and/or any real understanding of the written rules
5.   If the Chairman suspects that ordinary members have obtained forbidden knowledge or
      understanding of important and highly sensitive rules , he/she has the power to gag these 
      members or to permanently exclude them from the club 
6.  The Chairman is never wrong
7.  If the Chairman is ever proved to be wrong in his/her interpretation of the rules , it is due to
     an unfortunate misunderstanding , which happens to be the direct result of something said
     or done by irresponsible ordinary members 
8.  If the above applies , then these errant and wayward members must apologise immediately
     for causing this misunderstanding , along with a pledge to do penance
9.  An apology without a grovelling and beseeching request to receive harsh and brutal 
     punishment cannot be accepted as genuine
10. The Chairman is entitled to change his/her mind at any time on any issue , statement of
      intent or promise
11. Ordinary members are forbidden to hold any contrary opinions or views to those held by
     the Chairman , but should they share the same views they are certainly not allowed to 
     change them
12. Ordinary members may not in any circumstances point out that their chairman has ( a )
      changed his/her mind , or worst still (b) got no mind at all  
13. The Chairman has every right to be angry , upset and irrational at any time or all the time
14. Ordinary members must remain calm at all times , and be fully prepared to bite their own
       tongues and suffer in silence
15. The Chairman is allowed to be ready when he/she is ready
16. Ordinary members must be ready at all times and jump to attention the moment the
      Chairman issues a command
17. Committee members have no other duty but to support and back The Chairman
18. Committee members must pledge their allegiance and undying loyalty to the Chairman
19. No one must ever doubt the integrity, ability and dedication of their true and only leader
20. The office of the Chairman is a permanent position

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