Saturday, 26 March 2016


  • Ace  :   the name given to a crack flying bridgemate pilot
  • Fog of uncertainty : what the average bridge player finds himself in at the table
  • Psyche : a bid born out of boredom and/or mischief , which is a complete lie
  • Post mortem : a wonderful opportunity to transfer the blame for a wretched board onto your innocent partner
  • Partner : one of the three opponents you are up against , always the most formidable and unpredictable
  • Claim : a time saving device by which declarer can win all the remaining tricks purely on his/her say so 
  • No trump sign off : a fall back denomination when two squabbling players can't agree on a suit contract 
  • Mistake : a concept which never applies to experts , who of course can only succumb to minor errors of judgement 
  • Flair : a term to describe the pure logic experts employ to successfully play out a hand , which is way beyond the comprehension of the amateurs looking on
  • TNT : ( i ) an acronym for the total number of tricks ( ii ) what you would like to ignite under the chair of your inept and hapless partner

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