Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yet again, for the benefit of all those players who have yet to achieve, I have decided to reveal even more golden nuggets of wisdom to help you rise up from the status of " the mediocre and crap ". If these new guiding principles have helped me to become one of the greatest talents in the world of bridge today, then surely to God they must be able to help you get off base one.
So once you take on board all these little bits of visionary and philosophical advice , your results should dramatically improve. No more will you hang your head in embarrrassment as the results lists get published : no more will your names be overlooked for team selection. Yes, you will indeed become a star in the making.
- Results fade or improve in proportion to one's courage
- Why not go out on a limb ? Isn't that where the fruits of success lie ?
- The mark of a gifted bridge player is his ability to entertain a line of play without necessarily adopting it
- When an expert stumbles he is able to prevent a fall
- When faced with a problem don't miss the donut by looking through the hole
- Good scores in bridge are not the consequence of good fortune, but the consequence of wise choices
- Before you choose the right bidding system , it is necessary to choose the right partner first
- Bridge genius is knowing what to do , when in reality you don't know what to do
- A bad player is one who would rather commit himself to defeat than think
- The secret to being successful at bridge is to have no other interests
- Constantly messing around with your bidding system is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic
- Travelling on the road of achievement requires regular stops for reading
- As your island of bridge know-how grows , so does the shoreline of wonder
- To advance into the unchartered territories of top level bridge , you must travel on the dangerously rocky edges of hard experience
- Winning is not everything in bridge but making the effort to win is
- Think like a man of action : act like a man of thought
- Naff players see an obscure line of play and say " why " : experts see the same line and say " why not "
- To learn something new often requires taking the same path you took yesterday...but this time with your eyes open
- An average bridge player is one who thinks he isn't
- A bridge problem well defined and understood is a problem already half solved

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