Saturday, 8 October 2011

A LOAD MORE OF THESE WONDERFUL BRIDGE PROVERBS......... ( As unearthed by Professor Hu Chi ku Chi )
1. A bad bridge player will forever blame his partner
2. If you make your bid, then you must live with it
3. Do unto opponents what they might do unto you
4. Tricks can easily be found, and easily lost
5. Half the match points are better than none
6. He who hesitates about which card to play is lost
7. Opening light is like opening blind
8. A bridge player is known by the partners he keeps
9. Tricks don't appear by magic
10. You can't make a good player out of a hapless greenhorn
11. Speak of bidding nightmares, and they will appear
12. You can't teach an old player new ways of making tricks
13. True bridge disaster stories are stranger than fiction
14. Two wrongs in the bidding wont make the final contract right
15. Zeal without bridge know-how is the sister of folly
16. One good board doesn't make a good card
17. The road to becoming a grandmaster is paved with costly bills and sponsorship payouts
18. Small part-scores please players of small expectations
19. A fool and his bridge credentials are soon parted
20. The Ace in your hand is worth two in your partner's

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