Saturday, 8 October 2011

CENTURY OLD BRIDGE PROVERBS .......... ( Rediscovered and revised by Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi ) )
Proverbs are without doubt one man's wit and all men's wisdom. However, all the proverbs we know and use today owe their origin to the early days when a dark, secret, bizarre world of bridge began to surface in the games rooms of gentlemen's clubs inVictorian London.
So let's go back in time and rediscover a few of the original proverbs, before they were so crudely adapted to suit the world at large.
1. It's no use crying over spilt tricks
2. Childish partners should be seen and not heard
3. Seeing impossible contracts come in is believing
4. The proof of the bidding is in the result
5. Fortune favours the aggressive bidder
6. Play in haste , and repent in leisure
7. Every bridge professional has his price
8. What you lose on the roundabouts you gain on the swings
9. A little bridge knowledge is a dangerous thing
10. Players on nearby tables have ears
11. A bad bridge player always turns up for a game
12. In a field of blind rabbits, the one-eyed player is king
13. An expert never forgets
14. Seeing contracts home is easier said than done
15. Fools rush in with bids where experts choose to pass
16. In bidding, when nothing is ventured then nothing is gained
17. As you sow mistakes so shall you reap disasters
18. If at first you don't succeed, then try taking up whist
19. Forewarned of a misfit is to be forearmed
20. Every little inference helps

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