Monday, 10 September 2012

STAYMAN ?......WHY BOTHER ?...... USE GOMAN INSTEAD........( Article by bidding visionary Bigot-Johnson )

Why players persist with Stayman God only knows. It's both limiting and inferior compared to my " GOMAN " . For instance , when a Stayman devotee picks up Qx...x...Jxxxx.....Qxxxx and sees his partner bid a 12-14 1NT he has to pass, only to watch his partner struggle in the contract. Goman of course will ensure declarer plays in a much safer and healthier minor suit contract.
So this is how Goman works when partner opens the bidding with a weak ( or strong ) INT :

2C shows both minors : now the no trump bidder can pass ,  convert to 2D , or even bid 3C/D with a maximum and excellent 4 card support

2D shows either a single major suit or a major/minor two suiter : over 2D the no trump bidder must automatically bid 2H . This can be passed or converted to 2S. However if responder bids on to 2NT , then he is showing a 2 suited hand good enough to play at the 3 level. Now the opener must bid 3C if he wants the final contract to be in the minor suit  , or bid 3H if he prefers the final contract to be in the major ( where each bid can be converted onto the  suit above ) 

2H shows both majors : now the no trump bidder can pass , convert to 2S , or even bid 3H/3S with a maximum plus excellent 4 card support

2S shows a long 6 card minor in clubs : a reply of 2NT indicates the possession of a high honour in that suit , whereas 3C denies one

2NT shows a long 6 card minor in diamonds : a reply of 3C indicates the possession of a high honour in that suit , whereas 3D denies one

3C/3D shows 4 cards in that particular suit and a 6 card major : opener to bid 3H ( or even 4H with a maximum hand ) , either of which can be converted into spades if necessary.

3H/3S shows 6 cards in that suit with four in the other major 

Naturally , not all hand shapes can be covered by the above , but hell what system doesn't have its drawbacks ?

But let's see the system in operation ( uncontested auctions only ) where the INT bidder holds  3442 hand ) :

Responder with Qx...x....Jxxxx....Qxxxx  must  bid 2C : opener will convert to 2D , or even 3D ,  to reach the perfect contract

With  he must  bid  2D : over the automatic 2H reply an obvious pass ends the auction

With KJ10xx...Qx...x.....K1098x  again responder must  bid 2D :  and over the automatic 2H reply follow up with a 2NT bid . Opener will bid 3H preferring to play in the major , which in this case will be converted to 3S 

With AJxxxx...KJxx.....xx....x  he must  bid a direct 3S. Opener with two spades, four hearts and maximum points might well bid game in 4H

Even in contested auctions there is scope for the system to work well . Over the opponents 2C overcall of your partner's 1NT , a double would say that was my bid showing as always both minors. Even over a double of 1NT,  2C again shows both minors. 
Could bidding be any simpler ?


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