Monday, 15 April 2013


If ever a man could pull of an impossible slam then it is Johnny Supremo. The other day I watched this wizard weave his magic, after he launched himself into a risky 6H in order to secure a trophy winning top. The bidding went 2C-2D-2H-4H-6H
The maestro's monster hand was.....  Axx.....AK109xx.....void.....AQJ10,  but dummy's motley collection was a very disappointing..... Jxxx.......Qxx......Jxxxx........x
The defence got off to a cracking good lead of a small heart ( from 3), which Johnny correctly won in dummy, RHO opponent playing the J. However, this restricted dummy hand to making only two ruffs. Johnny soon realised the chances of making this contract depending on 4 things:
(i) the clubs breaking 4-4
(ii) the spades breaking 3-3
(iii) the club king being off-side 
(iv) RHO having both the KQ of spades.
So a plan was hatched. At trick 2,  a club to the Ace.  Queen of clubs, covered and ruffed in dummy. Back to hand with a diamond ruff. Jack and 10 of clubs allowing  two small spades to be pitched from dummy. Now came a low spade to the jack taken by RHO's queen. The diamond return was ruffed. Next the ace of spades, with Johnny's third spade being ruffed in dummy. Now came a third diamond ruff to enable declarer to get back in to pull his LHO's remaining two trumps to secure the contract.
So yes, miracles can happen if the cards lay right.....but every now and again in bridge, a miracle is what you have to plan for if asked to take on a mission impossible .


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