Monday, 22 April 2013

THE LIGHTER SIDE OF BRIDGE CLUB COMMITTEE MEETINGS...( A series of revealing observations by Carp ) 

No one should ever knock committees. Those elected to run the club do so by sacrificing a great deal of effort and valuable time.....usually for the benefit of the membership as a whole. Whatever members might think of committees, they must try to remember that they are made up of volunteers , with very few possessing the knowledge, experience and expertise to fulfil all the legal requirements involved in the executive process. To criticise any committee, or its officers, seems to me both negative and unfair. Indeed, the trials and tribulations of being a committee member should always be looked at with a sympathetic mind and point of view.

Boredom :  many will claim that
the hardest part of serving on a
committee is trying to stay awake.
All too often, the bulk of agenda
items are petty,procedural and
tedious. Minutes of the previous
meeting have to be agreed upon
and approved. Reports need to
be read out, followed of course
by irrelevant, inane questions, and
pointless discussions.
All incoming letters have to be
circulated and scrutinised.
Inevitably, crippling and overwhelming
boredom sets in......consigning more
serious matters to the backburner, or to 
the waste paper bin.

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