Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The most distressing
fact about committees
is their unshakable 
belief that they know
what's best for the
ordinary members This
of course requires the 
careful  " doctoring "
of information so as to
satisfy their annoying
curiosity, and to dispel
any of their growing
worries and concerns.
Committees therefore 
are often skilled in the  
dark art of putting   
a positive spin on 
depressing and disturbing
information..... or going  
the extra mile by the ruthless suppression of all bad news.
This Godsent prerogative
on being able to decide 
what members need to
know, enables many skeletons                " Christ almighty....our recent decline in                  
to stay hidden away in the                          membership is shocking, but we can't
closet for quite some time.                         afford to alarm the members....therefore 
                                                                I vote for putting this graph on the notice
                                                                board.......upside down ! "

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