Sunday, 15 June 2014

A VERY NEARLY TRUE STORY ........ by Bridgemeister Gibson 

Married couples falling out over bridge is one thing , but allowing bridge to destroy the marriage is another . The following extract from a recent divorce case reveals a cross no man should ever be asked to bear.

Judge : Is it true that you and your wife are both members of Chesterfield Bridge Club ?
George : Yes.....that's is where we first met almost 20 years ago
Judge : How long have you and Thelma been married ?
George : About 15 years.....
Judge : So what are you claiming as grounds for divorce ?
George : Unreasonable behaviour on her part 
Judge : Please be more specific...
George : Shocking and outrageous abuse
Judge : And where did this alleged abuse take place ?
George : At the bridge club
Judge : What ! ....Did your wife ridicule and humiliate you in front of other members ?
George : No.....
Judge : Did she as your partner harass , berate and bully you at the table ?
George : Not at all...........not once did we ever partner each other
Judge : Well, what in heaven's name then did she do to you that was so despicable and abusive ?
George ( sobbing ) : Irrespective of who was present and looking on... she would beat me......beat me.....beat me 
Judge : How often did she beat you ?
George : She beat me every time
Judge : My man should ever be made to suffer like that......divorce granted

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