Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Dear Rebecca ,
I was partnering the Northern Pro , when he picked up AQ7654.....AK4.....Q.....843. Not surprisingly he opened 1S , which was followed by a pass from my RHO.
I held 32....QJ1052....J94....K95 and under our system I was obliged to bid 1NT denying a 10+ HCP hand. However my LHO vulnerable overcalled 3D which ended the auction.
The Northern Pro then turned on me to ask why I didn't come in with 3H , seemingly laying the blame on me for missing a rigid game in hearts with 10 easy tricks there for the taking. Opponents were at best restricted to just 3 winners , with the Ace of clubs ,Ace of Diamonds along with a safety play first round duck in spades.
The King of spades was onside , and both major suits were breaking 3-2.  The club king  was sitting over the Ace , and consequently a losing club was going away either on an established diamond or spade trick.
So was the Northern Pro right in his assessment as to where the blame lay.

Yours feeling particularly unconvinced , 
                                                         Dan Virdcross

Dear Dan ,
I believe the Northern Pro was at fault for not reopening with a double. This way he could show more than a minimum opening hand , and a willingness to play in spades with little help from yourself. 
If of course you bid hearts showing five ,  he will have no problem bidding four. On reflection you had nothing more than what your 1NT bid suggested , but The Northern Pro's extra points and 6 card spade suit certainly demanded another bid from him. 

Yours clearly on your side , 
                             Rebecca Rood 

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