Tuesday, 17 May 2016


In an amazing new twist , God , who has never previously made comments on internal bridge matters , has come off his cloud and declared his support for a member unjustly expelled for breaching ZT rules.
Following Bigot-Johnson's bold declaration that ZT policies are totally flawed, God has made it known that the shocking lack of mercy and forgiveness does not bode well for those wishing to enter the kingdom of heaven. He believes that sinners are there to be saved and not punished.
This is a massive blow to the power crazed zealots who have introduced ZT policies into their clubs with a view to cracking down on those who err and stray. These zealots ,  who pedal and pursue the " project fear " philosophy , just love the idea of inflicting excessive punishments on those who commit minor transgressions. As God's only son rightly pointed out " Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ". Clearly ,  a ZT approach has now been exposed as a little short of pure evil in that those who enforce such policies often do so with venomous glee and sadistic pleasure. 
However , sources close to the Almighty , say that the Supreme Being cannot recall any details regarding the alleged wrongdoing which led to the member's ruthless and instant expulsion. Nevertheless, the angel Gabriel said " That's God all over.....he moves in mysterious ways....and he only acted in response to the member's prayer.  He now feels morally obliged to get involved in the disciplinary proceedings taking place in bridge clubs across the world. " 
Moreover , according to Gabriel God does not intend to sit back and ignore the injustices which are likely to occur ,  which means divine intervention might well be necessary. He refuses to sit in silence while victims of extreme ZT injustices experience pain , suffering , fear and strife , when it is the very nature of the game which brings out the beast in man . Surely , if governing bodies want players to be passionate about bridge then it's only right and fair allow them to show their negative emotions when things go wrong. God also wants it to be known that He created man in his own image and is therefore responsible for all his shortcomings and failings.   

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