Thursday, 5 May 2016


Forever wreaking havoc in the quiet and dignified world of bridge, Bigot-Johnson has become synonymous with extreme bigotry , reviled by all those who have crossed his path in clubs and bars across the world. What makes this man the epitome of bigotry can be answered by the comments made by ex-partners and club members, who have had the great misfortune to play at his table.
-  " I have never come across a person so riddled with prejudice , bias , hypocrisy and ill-feeling towards others as this dreadful , awful man "
-  " Blighted by irrational thoughts and beliefs Bigot-Johnson is unable to listen to or accept the opinions voiced by those blessed with wisdom and common sense "
-  " He has an unshakable belief that he can actually play the game despite his abysmally low ranking "
-  Always quick to malign and condemn all others as grossly inferior players or despicable cheats
-  " He will argue vehemently that all his poor scores are the product of bad luck , cheating dogs and inept partners "
-  " He will also argue that good results are all down to his talent and expertise , when in reality he has been gifted tops by fortuitous guesses and overly generous opponents "
-  " Bigot thrives on bullying and browbeating ineffective directors as to how the rules of the game are to be interpreted "
 -  " Bigot claims to know all the answers even though many of the questions have no definitive answers at all "
-  " The man is in complete denial of all his shortcomings and failings , which are considerable in both number and severity "
- " He claims to be a paragon of virtue and ethical correctness when in fact the opposite is true" -  " Bigot-Johnson insists on holding court to disaffected listeners and gullible newbies irrespective of their urgent desire to vacate the room "
- " This bombastic hypocrite holds the most outrageous and contentious opinions on matters which require carefully considered , non-judgemental points of view "
-  Bigot-Johnson is a loud , arrogant , egocentric , empty-headed numskull  who is nothing more than a bloated windbag full of hot air and pomposity "
- " His vanity and self-importance knows no bounds "
- "  He hates to be quizzed , questioned or criticised regarding any condemnation about his behaviour as unwarranted persecution "  
- " The man loves to wallow in his glory but steadfastly refuses to acknowledge or applaud the achievement of others "
-  " He is completely unable to see , perceive or recognise , let alone accept , the unreasonableness firmly entrenched in his unfounded beliefs and points of view "
- " The man's a tosser ! "


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