Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The academy class that started out with so much promise and potential was becoming a major disappointment for Bigot. All his instruction and guidance on logical deduction and reasoning was failing to make an impact.
So yet again he posed a problem to illustrate the importance of correct thinking : " Imagine this.......I am standing in a boat in the middle of the lake fishing, when I lose my balance and fall in. Unable to swim I begin to thrash around in the water, yelling for help. My wife hears all the commotion, sees the danger and predicament I'm in......and then starts running at full pelt towards the bank. So I put it to you..... what prompted her to run flat out towards the bank ?
After two or three minutes of embarrassing silence, a nervous looking lady raised her hand. She didn't look confident at all, but Bigot regarded her as his star pupil.
" I'm not sure.....but I guess it was an overwhelming desire to draw out all your savings......"
That answer did it. Bigot just sat in his seat staring forlornly at the ceiling. Making headway with this bunch of buffoons was proving to be a bridge too far.

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