Friday, 15 April 2011

  • Whatever Happened To Peter's Bequest ? : The ACBL Deny Mel Harkey is an in depth novel about one of the bridge world's biggest mysteries. Despite several valiant attempts by interested parties to get to the truth, nobody as yet received any acceptable answers from the ACBL. Various conspiracy theories have been put forward, including the one which claimed aliens came down and whisked the money away, but all these have failed to gain any real credence and support. Readers will be left completely confused, just like the author, who struggled throughout to make heads or tails of this perplexing mystery .
  • Peter's Missing Money Causes Many To Voice Their Hugh N. Krye is another well written book that attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding this bequest. Was the money misspent or misplaced ? Or both ? Many commentators feel outraged that it has not been spent in accordance with Peter's wishes. Many wonder at what is going to happen to the money that still remains unspent, and if interest has accrued on that money, which account has it gone into. With so much buck passing going on, the reader gains a fascinating insight into the workings of organisations that run and control the world of bridge. The author questions whether or not the ACBL is an organisation which has a soul and a moral conscience.
  • Peter's Bequest : ACBL Refuse To Come Clean ? Honor B. Blode investigates in great detail all the correspondence that has taken place over this particularly embarrassing episode. It seems that no one in the ACBL wants to own up and take the blame for mistakes made or offer any apologies, and similarly no one wants to take the initiative and responsibility to resolve any of outstanding issues and problems regarding this mess. The author feels that certain information is being held back, which needs to be brought out into the open.
  • Where Has All The Money Gone ? Dan D. Pann and What's Going to Happen To What Is Left ? Evan Noes are two short books which investigate in detail the finances of the ACBL over the relevant period in an attempt to answer these searching questions. Despite having accounting know-how and a head for figures, each author admits defeat in getting to the truth. As each book clearly shows, as one awkward question gets answered several more instantly take its place. The whole investigation has since become more of a quagmire than a mystery solving exercise.

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