Thursday, 5 July 2012


The editorial team, which is " I " and all my other selves, want to make it known that our views and opinions may not reflect those held by the bridge world at large. Should any of the content on this blog offend or upset new and old readers alike , this is purely the result of inadvertence and/or innocent oversight, and we therefore offer our  humble ,  grovelling apologies for both past and future aberrations.
Mind you , the editorial staff firmly believe there is nothing in their articles worth getting into a strop over . So what if we take a cynical look at the absurd and crazy things which take place on a daily basis right infront of our very eyes . Why shouldn't we ? Whatever views we express are all our own , whether they are tongue-in-cheek or genuinely felt criticisms about certain unpleasant and unacceptable aspects of the game , and its administration. Nevertheless the overriding aim of this blog is to combine law , philosophy , psychology and a right good dollop of toilet humour into the world of bridge, if only to make it appear even more bizarre than it really is.
Life's too short to get yourself upset , miffed or's far better to lighten up and laugh at ourselves . Why not consider with a rather wry smile that underneath the attempted satire and irony there are hard truths that we must all face up to. The alternative it seems is to live a lie and remain in self-denial.

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