Friday, 12 July 2013

( Is based on the original version of Bah Bah Black Sheep , written and composed by Sir Francis Dashwood , the infamous owner and chairman of The Hell Fire Bridge Club ) 

Bah bah wet sheep
Have you anything to say
No sir no sir
You just lead the way
Vote with your master
Learn to play the game
Then if things go belly up
There's only me to blame

Bah bah wet sheep
It pays to toe the line
Never take an opposing view
And things will work out fine
Back your master to the hilt
Don't even make a bleat
The only way to disapprove 
Is by voting with your feet

(  Footnote :  Every Bigot-Johnson proposal put to the Slaughter House BC committee was voted in by an unanimous majority , demonstrating how passionately committee members believed in collective responsibility and self-preservation  )   

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