Thursday, 21 November 2013

FICTION FROM WONDERLAND......OR IS IT ?..... ( Another strange tale from Bridgemeister Gibson )

The trial  was over in minutes. The Mad Hatter had been found guilty despite all reasonable doubt, and the sentence off-with-his-head  shocked Alice to her core. As his defence counsel , why had she been forbidden to speak up on his behalf ?
" I shall challenge this decision in a higher court " she told the distraught and despondent Mad Hatter, " The Queen has to acknowledge our right of appeal ". And so it came to pass that an appeal was granted. The Queen of course invoked her right to randomly select a judge from her pool of acceptable candidates. Lord Grief Justice , Oliver Stead ,  was the man hand picked to do " the job ". 
Immediately , he wrote to Alice informing her that he agreed with the Queen's decision to have her client beheaded, uttely convinced that the original trial was fair and above board. Alice was gobsmacked. How could Stead prejudge the outcome of the appeal without hearing her case first ? So weeks later,  it came as no surprise when her appeal fell on deaf ears. Stead's blinkers were well truly on throughout the whole trial. The sentence stood, and all Alice's witnesses were declared liars only to be tried later for contempt of court.
Poor Alice was left to reflect on the gross injustice that been inflicted upon the Mad Hatter, and how in this absurd world the die had been cast, and his fate sealed ,  right from the outset. 
" I do hope that nothing like this ever happens in my world " she said. 
" No...." replied the Mad Hatter " it's only in Wonderland where one is left to wonder why things are so awfully strange and incredibly bizarre ...." 
" Or is it ? " chirped in a bleary eyed but intuitive dormouse.     

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